What will you learn from Dotcom Secrets book?

If you’ve been wondering what the Secrets Trilogy books are all about, you’ll love this.

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I’m going to go into the first book and tell you what is in it and how I learned from it.

I’m not the expert although I’ve learned a lot since starting my journey.

The contents of Dotcom Secrets

There are 4 sections in the book

Section 1 is about the Sales Funnel Secrets

Section 2 is about The Funnels in the Value Ladder

Section 3 is about Funnel Scripts

Section 4 is about Building your Funnels

Section 1: Sales Funnel Secrets

In this Section, Russell talks about the Secret formula, the hook, story and offer and the Value ladder.

He also talks about the attractive character and how to define it for yourself.

He talks about funnel hacking, the seven phases of a funnel and follow up funnels.

Section 2: The Funnels in the Value Ladder

When Russell talks about the value ladder, he explains you need to have multiple products so your customer can grow with you.

In the value ladder, there will be multiple funnels.

The first part is free or low ticket items where you’d have Squeeze funnels, Survey funnels or Summit funnels.

In the second part, where you might have less than $1000 sales, you’d have Book funnels, Cart funnels and Challenge funnels.

In high end values, over $1000 in sales, you’d have Video Sales Letter funnels, Webinar funnels and Product Launch funnels.

Finally, in high ticket sales, like $25k or over, you’d want Application funnels

Section 3: Funnel Scripts

In all funnels, you will want to use specific copy or text.

The scripts are meant to help you create that perfect copy

They also help you to have the right conversations.

In this section, Russell talks about the curiosity based headlines and the who, what, why when scripts.

Section 4: Building your funnels

Finally, in this section, Russell gives you overviews of creating funnels in Clickfunnels.

He talks about Clickfunnels, the platform and the community

And he also talks about funnel stacking and funnel audibles.

Hope you enjoyed this quick overview and you are ready to get your own copy of Dotcom secrets.

You can get your own copy of just that one book by going to http://dotcomsecrets.jeanserge.gagnon or you can get the trilogy by ordering the Traffic Secrets at http://trafficsecrets.jeansergegagnon.com

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