What will you learn from Expert Secrets book?

Wow, the Expert Secrets book refresh is awesome.

The Experts Secrets book by Russell Brunson, the founder of Click Funnels is a book about online marketing and how to build an army of fans that will follow you everywhere and buy everything you have to sell.

These fans will also share all your stuff and attend all your events.

If that appeals to you, you need to get this book.

If you have not gotten your copy, make sure to get it at http://expertsecrets.jeansergegagnon.com

Here’s your chance to get a glimpse of this book as I give my observations and perspectives on it.

Sections in the book

The Experts Secrets book has 4 sections

Section 1: Creating your Movement

Section 2: Creating Belief

Section 3: “10X Secrets”: One-to-Many Selling

Section 4: Becoming Your Dream Customer’s Guide

Section 1: Creating Your Movement

In the first section, Russell talks about creating your movement.

These are your fans, your followers, those who will buy all your stuff, share everything you post and go to all your events.

He talks about becoming the expert by finding your voice, teaching your frameworks and learning about the three core desires.

Russell also explains about having a new opportunity and using a future based cause.

Section 2: Creating Belief

In the second section, he covers how to create belief in you.

He explains the epiphany bridge and talks about the hero’s journey.

One thing that I really loved was the explanation of how to use the Hero’s journey in my content.

In this section, Russell also talks about the four core stories and the epiphany bridge scripts.

Section 3: “10X Secrets” One to Many Selling

In the third section, Russell talks about how to scale your business.

This is why I even got the book.

One of my friends saw that I was doing webinars and was getting discouraged with my lack of results.

Russell talks about the perfect webinar script, the big domino and the three secrets!

Finally, he talks about the Stack, the closes and trial closes.

Section 4: Becoming Your Dream Customer’s Guide

In the last section of the book, Russell talks about using live video, sch as Facebook lives, YouTube Live or LinkedIn live to test your presentation.

He goes above and beyond to give us the perfect webinar  shortcut!

As well as the 5 minute perfect webinar,

Finally, he give you a way to plug in the Experts Secrets book into your Value Ladder.

The Secrets Trilogy

If you’re going to get the Experts Secrets book, you may as well get the Secrets Trilogy.

Each book covers slightly different aspects of online marketing and although each is amazing on itself, the trilogy really is worth it.

I’ve listened to each audio book so many times I can’t count and each time, I learned something new.

You can get the Secrets Trilogy at http://secretstrilogy.jeansergegagnon.com

Hope you enjoyed this quick review.

Make sure to watch the video for even more in-depth commentaries.

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