How to create and edit videos on TikTok?

If you’ve setup an account on TikTok, you’ve at least seen a few videos.

If not, what are you waiting for? TikTok is still the fastest growing social media platform today.

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You might be wondering how they did those…

I mean, how do they do this disappearing text…

Or how did they add the music, do the lip-sync or add those effects.

TikTok video recorder basics

One of the best features of TikTok is it’s video recorder.

It lets you record in segments.

It lets you add voice-overs…

It lets you add filters, effects and edit clips.

You can even set a timer and put your phone on a tripod.

Not to mention disappearing text and stickers…

To record, just click the little + at the bottom of the screen, select if it’s 15 or 60 seconds, then tap bit red circle to record.

You can record multiple segments by tapping the red circle on and off (I show that in the video above)

Adding text, effects and filters

Once you’ve finished recording, you then go to the edit screen.

On this screen, you can add text and stickers.

And once added, you can set when they appear and when they disappear.

Effects can be applied to parts of your video as can filters.

Finishing up

Once done, you add text and hashtags to your video and upload it.

Keep in mind the hashtags aren’t for searching on TikTok but rather to allow the algorithm to figure out who might be interested in your video.

Make sure to watch the video on top of the post as I show and explain a lot more.

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