How to migrate MLSP Sites Blog to new WordPress site?

Have you been using MLSP (My Lead System PRO) Sites as your Blog platform?

That’s been my platform for over 5 years now. Find out what that is at

It’s sad to see they are discontinuing it but not totally unreasonable given their explanation.

Since I need to migrate, I’ve been looking for an alternative.

What’s the first step?

First you will want to create a backup of your data.

There’s a process called exporting which does just that.

Go to your sites management dashboard and click Tools -> Export which is something like this:

Then, Click the Download Export File button and save file to your computer

Creating your blog on Click eCourse

Obviously, you can go any WordPress hosting site but we will show you how to do it on Click eCourse.

First, you’ll need an account. Go to and click the Register button up top which will popup a form to enter your email and your password, such as:


Then go to your profile:    

Click the blog tab: 

enter information  click the button to activate your blog.

You will see this for a few moments:

And finally, it will show that your blog is activated with links to access it

Setting up basics on the blog site

Regardless if you setup a WordPress site on the FREE Click eCourse platform or on a paid platforms, the rest will be pretty much the same.

First, you’ll want to checkout the Settings. Personally, I like to use post title for the permalink, like so:

You may want to fiddle around with settings, plugins and themes before importing but the beauty of all this is that you can delete your blog site and start from scratch as many times as you’d like.

Once you are ready, you can import your blog post, pages, menus and menu just by gong to the tools Import, installing the WordPress importer and running it.

When you run it, the first thing you do is select the backup (or Export) you did before which will upload the file

Click the Choose File button, browse on your computer for the backup file, select it and click the Upload file and import button

Once the upload is complete, you can select who will own the posts and if you want to import media (yes you do).

Click Submit to import your posts

Choosing a Theme and Plugins

Once your data is imported you can change your theme.

There are thousands of themes and more plugins to choose from.

They are all available to you.

But be careful, pay attention to reviews and number of installs.

If they Theme or Plugin doesn’t have a high install count, if may be risky to use.

Keep in mind that plugins and theme have 100% access to all your post and page data as well as your password used in WordPress (and other users if you set them up)

This is not to say you should be paranoid, but a well crafted Trojan horse wouldn’t be very fun, so just install reputable plugins and themes.

You can also buy plugins and thems from third parties and install them.

This is YOUR WordPress site to do what you wish.

Hope this helped.

Go to to register your free account today and setup your FREE WordPress blog site.

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