Secrets to growing your LinkedIn Connections!

You definitely want to be using LinkedIn in your social media strategies today.

It’s the 2nd fastest growing social network right now.

So, how do you grow your connections on LinkedIn?

I’ve slowed down my growth but at my peak, I grew by over 1200 connections in a single month!

First things first – your profile

The first thing you need to make sure of is to setup your profile to be an All Star.

That’s a badge you get when you fill everything out.

On top of that, I recommend a few more clarifications.

First, make sure to use the same profile picture as you do on other social media platforms

Also, use the same cover photo – the format will be different, but the look and feel should be the same

Even though LinkedIn will give you the All Star badge for putting any old profile picture, you really want one that people will recognize you and that they will see elsewhere.

Same goes for the cover photo.

Become a LION!

The next important thing, after ensuring you have your work experience and skill properly entered is to be a LION.

What is a LION you ask?

Isn’t it about roaring and being bold about doing things?

No LOL, it stands for LinkedIn Open Networker.

It basically means adding an item in your work experience that looks like this:

Feel free to copy this exactly into your profile (just change the email to yours of course)

Start connecting

When you start on LinkedIn with very few connections, you’ll have trouble finding new people to connect with.

It’s a lot easier when you are connected to someone with a lot of connections (like me – at 16k+ right now)

So, first thing, send me a connection request – you can find me at

I promisse I will accept your connection but make sure to include a message to me that you saw my blog or video so I know how you found me.

After you are connected with me, you’ll find it a lot easier to find other LIONs, realtors and recruiters to connect with.

Just search for those keywords and then select 2nd level connections.

I show all that in the video, so go and watch it if you haven’t yet.

Please share, we need to let more people know how to do this.

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