Top 5 tips to Create Viral TikTok videos

If there’s one thing everyone wants to know, it’s how to create viral content.

I’m going to give you the top 5 tips on how to do that on TikTok.

These tops 5 tips are very similar to other social media platforms but there is some uniqueness to TikTok.

Especially right now since the platform is relatively new.

What causes virality on TikTok?

The way the TikTok algorithm works (so I’ve been told) is that your video goes through a series of buckets or layers.

The first layer is your followers.

A certain percentage of your followers get shown your new video in their “for you” page.

Depending on the views and interaction you get from it, your video will move to the next layer.

This then shows it to more people and the same thing happens on the next layer.

I’ve heard that there are 4 layers and the top 2 are manually populated, but I can’t be sure that’s true although it makes sense.

TikTok Virality Tip #5

The 5th most important attribute of your video is sexiness.

What do I mean by that?

Of course there’s the aspect of physical attraction in a person and dressing provocatively and some of that can help.

The problem with that though is who you attract – are they really the audience you want?

Then there’s the fun and entertaining side of sexiness which i great if that’s your niche and you re attracting the right people.

TikTok Virality Tip #4

The next thing you can do to improve your chances that your TikTok video would go viral is to add music or sound to it.

You can either add sound before starting the recording or after.

If you add it after, you’ll be able to set the volume contrary to adding it before which causes your audio to be mute.

When choosing the music to use, pay attention to Featured and Trending lists.

You will also want to give priority to music with the TikTok logo next to it as those are likely the ones they want you to use.

TikTok Virality Tip #3

The 3rd most important tip to get viral videos on TikTok is getting engagement on them.

It’s probably no surprise that TikTok, like any other social media platform, wants you to get engagement on your videos.

This means getting likes (or loves), getting comments and getting shares.

The more you get, the more likely your video will be shared by the algorithm and a snowball effect will occur.

This is why you’ll see lots of videos asking you a question or for you to share and like it.

TikTok Virality Tip #2

Keeping your video shorter is the 2nd most important tip to get a video to go viral on TikTok.

I’m not saying you should make all your videos short and just making it short is enough but the reality is that if your video is shorted, you are more likely to get people to watch the whole thing.

And watching (or views) is one of the metrics that TikTok uses to decide if your video should be shared by the algorithm.

You will definitely want to mix that up with the other tips, especially the next tip to really increase your chances of virality.

TikTok Virality Tip #1

Finally, the #1 tip on how to get your TikTok videos to go viral is all about creating curiosity.

I’m sure you’ve seen many videos that get you to question what it’s about…

Or maybe, you want to see what’s at the end of the video…

Or you just wonder what you are seeing…

Creating curiosity in your content will always increase your chances of virality

On it’s own, it’s still not enough so you really want to include engagement, like asking them what they think it is or what they thought it was before seeing the end for example.

If they comment or like your video and it’s short, has great music and makes them wonder… you just might have a winner!

I hope this has given you some ideas and that you’ll create that viral video.

Don’t forget to watch the video as I explain these ideas in more details.

Finally, make sure you share so your friend can also benefit from creating viral videos.

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