How to create capture pages to build your email list

So you want to build an email list and you’re not sure where to begin?

Perfect, I’ll cover the basics here.

I’ve been building my email list for 5 years and still just have about 1000 people in it.

Keep in mind that it also depends on what you focus on too.

In my case, I’ve been focusing a lot on building my platform instead of my list.

Maybe I need to change that

The 3 main things you need

Let’s first clarify the main things you need to create an email list.

1- You’ll need an email list provider or auto responder.

2- You’ll need something to give people so they want to give you their email address.

3- You’ll need a capture page for them to give you their email address.

Obviously, there are tons of ways to do those 3 things and there are more things you might want to do as well, but I’m going to focus on these three things here.

Also, I’m going to tell you what I use and give you affiliate links to my tools – you certainly do not need to use the same tools I use or use my affiliate links.

Just keep in mind that I must prioritize helping those who have used my affiliate links but I”m here to help anyone who has a question about any of this.

#1 – Your email list provider and auto responder

When I first started 5 years ago, I simply used the free auto responder and email list manager included with my subscription to My Lead System PRO (or MLSP).

The include a small list manager which is limited to 500 emails (this is different than the CRM though which is not limited to 500 contacts). Go to for a free 10 day trial.

It also doesn’t let you send broadcast emails, so it’s not a complete auto responder although they do send broadcasts on your behalf.

Shortly after, since I knew I’d want to send broadcast emails and grow a list to more than 500 people, I chose to use aWeber.

They give you a free 14 day trial – you can go to to get you account setup.

#2 – What can you give them so they give you their email?

The next most important thing you need to build your email list is something to give them.

If you have nothing to give them, why would they give you their email?

You can certainly create an eBook, a product or something else to give but until then…

Well, when I started, I certainly had nothing to give them…

So, I used free products from My Lead System PRO – they even have the capture page setup for you. Go to for free 10 day trial.

Later, I also found products I can re-use myself from a PLR program site (Private Label Rights) – you can get lifetime access to ridiculous low price at

#3 – Creating capture pages to get their email address

The last thing you’ll need it to have a way to create capture pages.

You can do that with aWeber using their capture page and Landing Pages and Signup Forms options

You can use MLSP’s free capture pages.

You can create your own pages with MLPS Funnelizer – a free tool included with the MLSP membership.

Or, you can use your own website and other tools online, such as clickfunnels (

What’s next?

Of course there is more you’ll need over time, like sending emails to your list regularly… or creating content on social media or in blogs like I do.

But that isn’t what you must have or need to start with…

Make sure to watch the video to see what I’m talking about here.

I also have many other episodes where I show more specific things about aWeber, Funnelizer or creating your own eBook.

Let me know if you have any questions or how I can help.

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