How to Grow your Business with Personal Branding?

Are you wondering why you need to use Personal Branding to grow your business?

Maybe you’re not 100% sure what Personal Branding is…

I often wonder myself why we need to use Personal Branding.

I mean, why can’t we just be a business?

What is Personal Branding?

You might know what Personal Branding is and to be honest, there are many definitions.

This is just my definition of Personal Branding.

It’s the process of making a person the thing that people remember when they think of a problem they need solved.

Instead of thinking of a product or business, they’ll think of you.

For example, if you own a pizza shop, you want them to think of you when they are hungry for a pizza.

The cool dude who understands them and will make the pizza just right

Why Personal Branding?

But, why can’t you just promote your pizza, like the toppings, the freshness, the taste, etc?

That’s a good question… and you certainly can, that’s what businesses have been doing for over 100 years!

The question is why would you want to and do you have budget for it?

The reality is that to build your business brand around your product, you’ll need to spend a lot on ads.

Sure, you could use the same tactics I’ll discuss here and just use your product and business, but keep in mind that social media platforms are about people, not businesses or products.

So, the main reason why you need to use Personal Branding is because everyone is online in social platforms and that’s personal.

Let’s go back in time…

It really is exactly the same as how it was 150 years ago…

Except it’s online now…

Back in those days, the businesses that thrived in small communities were the ones that had a caring owner.

He was the one who knew everything about everyone…

He didn’t meddle in people’s lives, he just knew about their dreams and goals and connected people together.

She asked about their families, their hobbies and their problems…

She was the one that everyone knew, liked and trusted… so they bought from her.

Then big businesses showed up and started advertising… business and product brands took over since they had millions to invest in ads…

Personal Brand is back baby!

So, now we’re back to the same ways as before.

Now, it’s all online and all about people connecting with other people…

Ok, how do you use that to grow your business today?

Let people know who you are… what you’re about… what your hopes and dreams are…

Then connect with others and care about their hopes, dreams and problems…

Help them find solutions… don’t just try to sell them stuff!

They will learn to know you, then like you (hopefully) and eventually trust YOU.

Yes, YOU, not your business or product… but YOU…

and that’s when they buy from you… not your business.

You are your business

Because you are your business, you need to talk about yourself.

Without that, your business is just another business and you need to spend millions on ads too.

You can’t afford that, I know I can’t, so use the social media platforms to be you..

Use personal branding to build your business.

That’s what works in 2020.

Make sure you watch the video as I cover this in more details.

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