How to get TikTok Influencer to work with you?

Are you trying to work with an Influencer and they aren’t responding to your messages?

Maybe you’re tagging them in your posts or comments and they aren’t acknowledging that either?

You are commenting on all their TikTok videos… tagging them in yours but nothing!

Frustrating right?

How did I get an Influencer to work with me?

Well, the first thing you need to remember is that you can’t need an influencer…

If you really “need” them, then you can just pay for them, there are lots for hire.

Just like anything else though, you can’t be sure until you work with them if they are the real deal.

In my case, I wasn’t even trying to work with an influencer…

Sure. I’d love that, but I wasn’t “needing” it or expecting it.

I just posted my stuff and started talking about creating a TikTok course (you can find out about it at

The backstory

What happened with me was that I started using TikTok in December 2019.

By February 2020, I had about 150 followers and my mentor thought it was awesome since he just had 10.

He told me I was doing awesome and encouraged me to create a course on TikTok.

I thought: why not! I’m not an influencer with millions of followers but I learned a lot and could at least teach what I know.

I wasn’t going to create a course on how to get 1 million followers, but how to get started and use the app.

So, I started posting that I was going to create a TikTok course

I did get some hate because, well just because, you’ll get hate.

Just people telling me I didn’t know anything since I didn’t even have 200 followers, so why would anyone listen to me?

Right? Why? Well, because I have 16,000 LinkedIn connections, 11k Twitter followers, 3k Instagram and 4k Pinterest followers… I might be new to TikTok, but I’ve been around.

Anyway… I didn’t let that stop me…

The connection to TikTok Influencer

I was getting close to creating the course so I posted on LinkedIn a short video showing how I’d do the course.

You can view original at

I saw a comment from Maayan Gordon.

and I sent her a message to which she replied.

I didn’t know who she was, but then I started looking around and found her TikTok account at

What happened after that?

After a few back and forth messages, she created a great Case Study and had thousands of people asking for it as you can see from this.

Check it out at

Well, we collaborated… we created a course and did a webinar.

What do you need to do to work with an Influencer?

It’s really all about you doing the following:

1- Create content regularly

2- Engage on other people’s posts

3- Do not expect or need to work with an Influencer but be ready for it.

There really isn’t anything more to do

The more you “need it”, the less likely it is to happen.

Watch the video to get some more ideas

Share this post, video and audio to help your friends, they’ll appreciate it and I will too.

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