How to Make Money Online with Attraction Marketing?

It’s really the most common question – how to make money online?

There are so many ways to do that…

Affiliate sales, membership sites, product promotion, brand deals, selling your own course, coaching, social media influencer, and more…

I was noticing one of my friends, Maayan Gordon posted how she’s made $18,110 – almost 10x what she made 4 months ago.

You can see that post at

And just 4 months ago, she posted that she made $1,210 in a week.

You can see that post at

and just the month before, she posted this:

You can see that post at–YAt

Incredible what can be accomplished in just a few months with focused effort.

How did she do it?

It’s simple really…

She followed the laws of attraction marketing and personal branding.

Sure, Maayan had already learned a lot from her viral videos on TikTok, she understood marketing and knew how to connect with people at a human level.

But, in the end she did what anyone needs to do online.

She created content, she setup social media accounts, she engaged and she connected.

What are the steps to follow if you’re starting out?

The successful online entrepreneurs might not all agree on the order or importance of each of these tips, but they will all agree on doing them..

Tip 1: Create social media accounts using same userid

If you don’t already have accounts on the social media platforms, just go create them – like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. TikTok, Pinterest, Tubmlr and others you can find.

Tip 2: Use same profile and cover photo

As people start finding you online, you’ll want them to know it’s you when they go from one platform to the other. Using the same profile picture allows that.

Tip 3: Setup a blog

Many think blogs are a thing of the past.

What I find is that it’s the only place online you have that is evergreen and that you own.

Social media platforms are great, but your account can be deleted anytime and could be completely out of your control.

I use the free WordPress feature in click eCourse (a platform I created at

Tip 4: Engage on comments and other’s posts

The most important thing on social media is engagement.

By engaging on other’s content, the platform will reward you by sharing your content more.

Tip 5: Consistently post content

Find out what is recommended posting frequency on a platform and do that consistently.

You don’t need to post everywhere but choose one platform and do it consistently.

Tip 6: Step and use email list

You’ll discover that email is still the best way to build an audience you control 100% of.

Just like with a blog, you’ll find that social media contacts is great, but you do not know when and if you will ever loose them.

I use aWeber and you can use my affiliate link ( to ensure I give you priority help if you ever have questions.

Tip 7: Send emails to your list

Once you have a list, you’ll want to nurture them and keep in touch.

Sending an email every day may seem like a lot but if you re-purpose your blog posts or other social media content, it becomes easy.

Tip 8: Re-use content accross platforms

Instead of trying to create original content on all social media platforms (which is recommended by the way), you can re-purpose the same posts.

For example, I take my YouTube video and strip the first 5 minutes and post that to Facebook, LikedIn and Instagram.

I also use the same 60 second story video I post on SnapChat and re-share that to Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Finally, I use the text from the blog post to create my email and the text in my social media posts.

Tip 9: Have conversations

It’s so important to have real conversations with your audience.

That could be via comments or a zoom, phone call or Facebook video chat.


Don’t forget to watch the video as I cover other aspects of this.

You’ll also want to get my free eBook at on how to attract customers to you that actually want you to talk to them.

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