What are the steps to getting success online?

Are you wondering what you need to do to actually get the success you want online?

In all honesty there are probably 100 things you could do, if not 1000, that would get you that success.

That’s why what you really need to do is find someone who has the success you want and do what they do.

I bet you’ve heard that plenty of times…

How do you find the right someone?

That’s a great question.

You can do a bunch of searches online…

You can watch their content, takes notes and eventually, after comparing a ton of people, choose one to model..


Or, how about this… just pick one and follow them for a while.

You don’t need to sign a life long sentence with them.

Like me, you’re been following me for a while…

You like me somewhat (maybe a lot?), so you can model me… for a while…

What’s my success record?

I’ve been online for over 5 years..

I’ve grown my followers to 12k, 16k, 3k, 4k, etc depending on where you look (or a total of over 32k fans)

I’ve created a handfull of online courses…

Sold to dozens of students…

Generated online income…

Built a platform and membership sites.

Created funnels, capture pages, eBooks, email lists…

Have a blog, a iTunes podcast, an Alexa Skill

The 12 Steps to YOUR Online Success

All that is a lot, I know…

How can you get to that point?

You can just go back in my YouTube channel… or my Facebook videos.. or my iTunes podcasts and just learn that way.

I try to produce a daily episode that helps a little every day.


You could just get my free 12 steps eBook at http://onlinesuccess12steps.com/

You’ll get the free eBook plus access to the 12 videos as I went through defining and clarifying each step for me.

Those 12 steps are as follows:


Watch the video above as I go through all the steps.

I explain what they are and why they are important.

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