Critical Steps to YOUR Online Success overview

Have you been building a business online for too long without results?

Are you tired of creating all this content and not get any sales!

What about just growing your list?

I was too and not too long ago, I decided to reboot my strategy

What results was I getting?

You see, I’ve been building a personal brand online for years, actually since December 2015.

I’ve learned a lot and lost a lot too.

I even grew two Facebook pages to over 18k likes only to get them banned and shutdown by Facebook for reasons I still do not know.

That’s didn’t stop me though but I felt like getting 16k LinkedIn connections or 4000+ Facebook friends, or 11k followers on Twitter just wasn’t what I was ultimately after.

My reboot

Even though I got great results with my fans and followers, I wasn’t getting the sales I wanted.

I got a sale here and there and made some commissions so I know it’s possible but something was missing.

Seriously, I learned so much! I had to figure out my problem.

So, I rebooted it all and decided to take you along with me

The birth of the 12 steps

When I decided to reboot, I started asking myself this question:

What would I do if I started from scratch knowing what I know now?

Instead of going off and answering that question in a closed room, I decided to use it as the spring board for my content.

I did a first video to explain what I was doing and to come up with a series of steps.

I did it live in my daily episodes

What are the 12 steps?

I certainly agree that these steps are just my own sequence of things to get done to get results online but here they are.

You are free to pick and choose but I know that this is what I am doing now.

Step 1: Define your vision

Step 2: Define your audience

Step 3: Define you avatar

Step 4: Define your offer

Step 5: Create copy

Step 6: Define attractive character

Step 7: Prepare Soap Opera sequence

Step 8: Get or create lead magnet

Step 9: Setup your tools

Step 10: Create capture page

Step 11: Define your stack

Step 12: Prepare weekly webinar

Then came the eBook

As the days passed, so did the steps.

The first day, I decided what the steps would be

The next day, I explained step 1 and went through the process myself for that step and recorded it all and posted it as the episode for that day.

After that, each day was a new step.

As always, I would write up the episode and I simply used that to create the eBook.

Keep it Simple Silly

Thinking back, it was pretty simple to do.

Sure, it’s not perfect and I will most certainly do a version 2 of it but it’s a great way to show that you can do the same thing.

You can get the eBook at and get access to all 12 videos (13 including intro)


This is my 12 steps and they can work for you as well.

Others have their own steps you can follow but these worked for me.

I’d love to hear from your and any questions or comments you may have

As always, please share.

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