How to host your FREE course on Click eCourse platform?

Do you have a free course you are already giving to people?

You can use the Click eCourse platform at to host your course for free.

Maybe you are sending them links in emails to videos in YouTube or you setup a blog page with links to those videos.

Perhaps you haven’t setup a free course yet and you’d like to know how.

What is Click eCourse platform?

Click eCourse is a course hosting site with a strong social integration.

The main goal of the site is to host courses that you want others to find easily, whether they are free or paid, and allow for social interaction with comments and sharing of ideas.

You can:

  • Host courses on the platform and sell them or give them away.
  • Promote other people’s courses and get commissions on them
  • Have others promote your course by giving them commissions.
  • Setup courses in modules, add quizzes and much more.

Your videos can be hosted directly on the platform or you can use YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo links.

Is it really free to host a course?

Yes, it sure is free to host a course on Click eCourse platform.

Of course the free account does have limitations such as a maximum of 2 courses and using YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo hosted videos but you can create a free course using the free account.

First, start by creating an account – just click on the Register link and submit your email with your chosen password.

You will then get an activation link in your email.

After logging in, you can create a course.

How to create course

The first screen you’ll see when creating a course will allow you to set the title, summary and details of your course.

Then you’ll see a series of tabs to set different things with your course.

You can go through each time with the Next button or go directly to that tab you want by clicking it.

Once you have set all properties you want, just click the Done button.

Adding lessons to your course

After you’ve created your course, you’ll want to add lessons.

Lessons are videos with a specific subject you want to cover in the course.

For example, if you are creating a course on healthy eating habits, you might have an introduction lesson, a lesson about understanding current habits and a lesson learning the new habits along with a conclusion, so 4 lessons.

Of course, you can have many more lessons but the free account has a limit of 20 lessons per course.

Note that you can have up to 100 lessons per course and 10 courses on the $10/month plan.

Publishing your course

Once you are happy with your course, you can publish it.

It’s as simple as clicking the publish buttons or you can go edit your course and view the Access tab to set course as an unlisted course instead.

After your course is published, you can just send the URL to your prospects or they can find it by searching for it on the site.


As a free hosting site, Click eCourse allow you to do a lot for free.

You can check out the plan differences at

Make sure to watch the video to see a course creation in action.

Don’t forget to share this with your course creator friends.

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