What is a Private Label Rights (PLR) site and How to profit from it?

Have you heard PLR before?

It stands for Private Label Rights.

It’s a permission or license that a creator can give to their work.

Basically, it means that you can take their work (a digital course, a video, a book, an eBook, software, plugins, pdf file, etc…) and sell it or give it to others and keep any profit.

What is PLR site?

It stands to reason that there would be a site that authors can publish their work and you can copy it for your own use.

There are many such sites and I use Internet Marketing Zoom which you can access at http://plr.jeansergegagnon.com

They have thousands of courses, eBooks, plugins and audios you can download and use yourself.

You can learn from them too.

Here’s just a few examples:

Use PLR to get subscribers

You can use many of the PLR content such as eBooks and course to grow your list.

Just like any other content that you can create yourself, find what your niche is interested in and give that away in exchange for their email address.

The site I use event includes squeeze page examples like this:

Which you can just take and edit and add to your lead capture page software.

Keep all the profits with PLR

Without a doubt, the best part of a PLR site is that you can sell the courses and content if you want.

If you decide to sell any of it, you can keep 100% of the profits.

You just need to make sure you follow any of the rules.

For example, some creators don’t want you to sell below a certain price, others do not want you to make changes to the content while others even let you sell the rights to resell.

Get 50% promoting PLR site

Are you a online marketer?

Do you participate in affiliate programs?

If you choose to get the ridiculous low price for lifetime access to Internet Marketing Zoom PLR site (currently at $37), you’ll be happy to know they have a great affiliate program.

You just need to signup for an account at http://plr.jeansergegagnon.com and join the affiliate program.

You’ll find links and media to use in your promotion efforts in their affiliate center.


If you are an online marketer you really want to add a PLR site such as Internet Marketing Zoom to your offers.

You can send the content by email, add them to your blog or host them on YouTube as hidden links.

Of course if you are promoting video courses, the best place to host those would be on a Course hosting platform just like Click eCourse.

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