How to add Coupons and Deals to make more Course Sales?

If you are selling a course online you know how hard it can be to make sales.

They say to use urgency and scarcity to improve your close rate.

I’ve seen lots of course creators talking about selling their course at super low prices for the first 15 and then raising the price for each new 15 students.

You certainly can just keep editing the price of your course but what if you could automatically control this?

You can do that on Click eCourse platform at with deals and coupons.

What are deals?

I’m not sure about other platforms but on Click eCourse, a deal is a special price that has a start and end date and time.

For example, say your course full price is $150, you can setup a deal to run from July 1st to July 15th at $97.

That way, the visitors will see the $97 price with the original $150 striked through with the end date/time for the deal, like this:

What are coupons?

On Click eCourse platform, a coupon is a special code that a prospective student can use to buy your course at a rebate.

You can give your coupon any name and it can either be a percentage off or a specific price.

You can also have a maximum number of uses as well as an expiration and even an activation time.

You can then give your prospects a direct link to use the coupon or they can type it into a box.

When they access the special link, they can see how many coupons are left or when it expires, for example:

The urgency and scarcity at work

With coupons and deals, you can really make that urgency and scarcity affect take hold.

By having a coupon with only 10 or 15 uses, people will see how many are left.

By setting a deal with an end time of midnight today, they will see the expiry time.

They also see the real price and the percentage off.

Sweetening the deal with a chat bot

You can even make it even better for them using a chat bot.I like to use ConversioBot chat bot with an on exit popup as well.

Using this technique, you can have your chat bot offer them a coupon with a direct link

For example, you could have all this:

  1. A deal at 25% off for the month
  2. A coupon of 40% off in your email list or social media posts
  3. A coupon of 50% off in your chat bot if they open it
  4. A coupon of 60% off in your popup chat bot when they try to leave the page

Using these techniques makes it’s much more likely to get the sale.


I did show how to do all this in the video.

I also show you how to create and account and a course on Click eCourse platform

With the free account, you can use a public YouTube URL (also Vimeo or Facebook is supported) and have your lessons using embedded videos from those platforms.

Please share this blog post and episode t your course creator friends.

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