Course Hosting Platform Click eCourse introduction

Have you created an online course and just posted videos on your YouTube channel?

Maybe you also setup a web page with links to those videos?

Perhaps you created units in a Facebook group?

Those are certainly some simple and free ways of creating basic online courses.

What are limitations of free solutions?

One of the main issues with those free solutions is metrics.

It’s that you don’t know how many students you have, how many have started the course or have completed it.

You also can’t easily ensure they paid for it if you are selling it

Communicating with your students is also not very consistent or guaranteed.

Not to mention that you could loose your social media account anytime.

Click eCourse solves all this

How does Click eCourse hosting platform solve all this?

First of all, you can organize your course into simple lessons or more complex modules.

The great thing about Click eCourse though is that you aren’t forced into setting up complex modules like all other platforms.

Also, no one can attend your coure unless they have an account on the platform (unless you make it totally public)

Either way, students will want an account anyway because it allows them to keep trac of where they are and switch between devices.

You can even communicate with your students via email on the premium paid plans.

What is Click eCourse platform?

The Click eCourse platform is a full featured course hosting platform that also includes more advanced features.

It is meant for online marketers who need to host their online courses in a way that is social and allows for easy sharing

The platform includes Course Deals and Coupons and you can allow your students to download the audio and video if you desire.

You can add files such as PDF or any format as extra content to your course.

How to create your course on Click eCourse?

To create a course on Click eCourse, it’s as simple as clicking the big green + sign on the top right.

Of course, you need an account first which simply means to register and activate the account.

The process is quite simple.

Click the create course button

Enter basic information on you course

Add one or more lessons to your course.

You will then be able to send the link to your course to anyone you wish.

If they become students, you will be able to communicate with them.


You can really create a course this simply.

Just go to and register your account today.

If you let me know you saw this blog post, I will gift you a 6 month Extreme plan membership worth $900!

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