How to Add your own Chat Bot to your Course sales page?

If you’ve wanted to learn How to Add your own Chat Bot to your Course sales page, I’m going to show you how I do this.

I’m not sure about other course hosting platforms, but with Click eCourse hosting platform you can setup a chat bot for your course easily.

If you’ve created a course in the past and just put it on YouTube as unlisted videos and then added those to an email or blog post page as a “course”, you will like how easy it is to create a course with Click eCourse.

What is a chat bot?

Maybe you’re not 100% what a chat bot is.

First, let me say that there are tons of different chat bots out there.

I first started using them with Facebook messenger and a tool called ManyChat which is limited to Facebook audience.

A chat bot basically allows you to have an automated conversation with your prospect using a web browser.

You can do things like ask questions, add the visitor to your email list, direct them to the right page and offer them a coupon to close that sale.

The chat bot software that I am using now allows me to add a chat bot to my blog (as you see on bottom left here) and to my other web sites too.

How to add chat bot to Course?

Adding a chat bot to your course on Click eCourse is as simple as putting the bot id in the course header code.

On Click eCourse, you can specify a different chat bot for visitors and for students.

This allows you to offer a special deal or coupon to your visitors and not bother your students with that.

The Chat Bot platform

You can use any chat bot platform on Click eCourse since you can add any header code to your course, but the easiest is to use the ConversioBot software as we integrate perfectly with it.

You can find out more about it at and get their lifetime deal if you are quick.

That platform allows you to setup an on exit popup chat bot as well as the default in one chat bot.

Watch the video to see what I mean.

Adding the chat bot to your course

So, to actually add the chat bot to your course, you’ll first need to create it in the ConversioBot dashboard.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll have a chat bot ID that you can add to your course.

Just click the edit course link and then go to the Header code tab to add it.

That’s where you would put the two different chat bot IDs.


Once you’ve added your chat bot IDs to your course, you will see that the chat bot that shows up on your course for visitors and students is different than the default one.

With this comes the ability to offer a coupon to visitors by asking them if they want a deal.

You can even give them a different deal if they click the normal chat bot versus if they chat with the on exit popup one.

Only your imagination can determine what you can do.

Please share this with your marketer and course creator friends.

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