How to Grow your Audience by ONE Million 200 thousand PERCENT in 10 days!

Wow, that’s insane right? You want to know how to Grow your Audience by one million, 200 thousand percent in a few days?

I bet you do.

I know that when I saw my mentor talk about getting 100k monthly audience on his content and that Gary Vee was getting less than 200k, I wanted to know what he was doing!

Is audience that important?

We talk about audience in all social media platforms.

Even your email list is an audience you own.

Each platform has different levels of engagement and value to you as a marketer or a course creator.

Is it really important to grow your audience?

If that audience doesn’t buy, it’s really not that great, right

So, yes, audience is important but only if they take the actions you want, like visit your blog, join your list or buy your courses.

What platform am I talking about?

I’ve had a Pinterest account for as long as I’ve been on social media – almost anyway.

Even though I’ve had my account on Pinterest for almost 5 years now and I’ve been sharing to it every day for months, I was still just getting 5 monthly viewers.

Imagine my surprise when I made a tiny tweak and after 3 days got 3k viewers!

Pinterest is definitely a platform to watch right now.

You might be thinking “who cares about viewers – I want buyers!”

And you would be onto something.

The best part about Pinterest

That’s the best part about Pinterest!

The people on there are buyers.

Contrary to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and others, the people on Pinterest are there to look for something to buy!

They aren’t there just to look a pretty pictures of videos but to search for something to buy!

They are buyers!

How does it compare to others?

So, you might be wondering if all this talk about Pinterest audience being more valuable to marketers.

It’s still a little early to tell, but when I compare my ads on Pinterest to the ones on Facebook for the last 10 days, I get pretty amazing results.

Some might say they are Pincredible results – so Incredible that I registered the domain 🙂 – Check

From July 23rd to Aug 4th, this is what I got:

Facebook: Spent $128.68 – Got 42 link clicks at $3.06 per click.

Pinterest: Spent $45.14 – Got 262 link clicks at $0.17 per click

OMG insane, right? I’d much rather spend $0.17 per click, wouldn’t you?


Pinterest is prime right now for markters.

If you have a course and you are trying to grow your audience, you will definitely want to look at Pinterest.

You might even want to look into ads.

Watch the video to see how simple it is to use.

Share with all your marketer and course creator friends so they can benefit from it too!

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