How to fix Pinterest may lead to spam error with your site?

Have you been a victim of your site being flagged by Pinterest a “may lead to spam” and you’re wondering how to fix Pinterest may lead to spam error with your site?

Anytime you or your visitors click on a link to your blog, you get the dreaded message: Heads up! Sorry! We blocked this link because it may lead to spam.

Isn’t that just the worst feeling in the world?

I mean, your site isn’t spam – you probably have less links and ads that 99% of all the other sites on Pinterest, right?

How did it happen to me?

On July 16th, 2020, I heard from my mentor Marc Lalonde that he had gotten almost 100k monthly viewers on his Pinterest (he is now at 1.1 million on Aug 12th) and was super curious as to what was going on.

When he mentioned one little thing on July 23rd, it got my motors going.

I decided that day to try this one thing…

I’ve had my Pinterest account since 2015 and was still doing daily shares to it of my blog posts and YouTube videos but I was only getting 4-5 monthly viewers, ridiculous right?

I also decided to pin a ton of pins to my boards.

Suspended Pinterest account

Next day, my account was suspended!

So, I appealed it and after a few days got my account back.

That was a Friday (July 24) and my account was back on the Monday (July 27).

Funny thing is that today, when I look at metrics, I see activity on that weekend.

How my domain got blocked

All was wonderful…

I was creating 5-10 new pins a day.

Then wham! My domain got blocked and I got an email to tell me so.

Of course, I clicked on the “let us know” link in the email which just gave me a simple “thanks for your appeal”

There was not explanation as to how this happened.

How did I get my site unblocked?

That appeal didn’t work.

It just got me an email stating they decided not to unblock it.

You’ll want to watch the video as I show how I ended up getting my blog domain unblocked.

I get more into details on answering the question how to fix Pinterest may lead to spam error with your site.

Please share this with you friends. You never know who needs to hear this message.

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