How to create content once and post to 14 platforms in one hour?

Did you know it was possible to create content once and post to 14 platforms in one hour or less?

I know, it seems pretty difficult since it can easily take 30 minutes or more to create content and post it to 1 platform.

It is possible though, although you need time to learn the skills to make it possible.

Obviously, when I started doing this, it was taking me more than 1 hour for sure, so let’s talk about how I got there (so you can too)

How it all started

You probably already know this but when I started, I was only posting to YouTube, Facebook and a blog.

I would record a 5-15 minute video and would take 1 to 2 hours to write a blog post.

Then I’d share it to Facebook. I would actually upload same video to both YouTube and Facebook.

Imagine, 1-2 hours to post to 3 platforms.

That was almost 5 years ago.

What did I need to learn?

As time went on, I got better at writting so the blog post took less time.

Then I started using other platforms, like Twitter and Instagram and learned those… getting back to 2 hours per content cycle.

Of course, learning a platform is great but if does keep changing, so ou gotta keep learning.

I learned how to use the platforms, what the post formats are, if there are any limits or rules to content posting.

I discovered automation tools to simplify sharing across other platforms.

Every few months I started a new platform.

How can you post to 14 platforms?

There’s a few secrets to posting to multiple platforms.

Some say you need to be creating platform specific content and in the video talk to that platform as in the text.

I do think that’s is better if you have the time but for me, it was about finding a way to repurpose a single piece of content into multiple pieces.

I learned lots of this from my mentor Marc Lalonde in his octo content model course – it’s a $5000 course that was 4 months long.

Basically, you take your 30 minute video and extract multiple pieces from it that you can then post to other platforms.

How long does it really take?

I’d say it really does take me about an hour now to post to these 14 platforms:

1- YouTube
2- blog
3- Facebook
4- Instagram
5- LinkedIn
6- Twitter
7- Pinterest
8- TikTok (+ Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook stories)
9- Successwithjs wordpress blog
10- Alexa skills
11- iTunes
12- Soundcloud
13- Click eCourse
14- aWeber email broadcast

This is the breakdown in time:

  • 30 minutes to record video
  • 10 minutes to write blog post (#2 blog – automatic to #9)
  • 1 minute to post to YouTube (#1)
  • 2 minutes to post on LinkedIn (#5)
  • 2 minutes to post Facebook Live (#3)
  • 2 minutes to post to Instagram (#4)
  • 2 minutes to post to Pinterest (#7)
  • 2 minutes to post to Soundcloud (#12 – automatic to iTunes #11)
  • 2 minutes to post to Click eCourse (#13 – automatic to Alexa Skills #10)
  • 1 minute to create aWeber broadcast (#14)
  • 2 minutes to create TikTok (#8 and story videos)
  • 0 to post to Twitter (#6 – all automated)

That’s 56 minutes!

Ok, well, maybe the blog post takes longer sometimes and there are issues with some of the steps, but it’s usually pretty smooth.

What else do you need to do?

The other stuff you need to do is create the pieces of content for the platforms

For example, you need an image for Instagram, a shorter video for LinkedIn and a sound file for SoundCloud.

Creating those extra pieces takes time too.

For me, as a programmer, I was able to create a script that does all that for me.

How can you do it?

If you want to be able to do this, you can too.

I’m putting together a course where I will guide you through all these steps.

I will teach you all that I know.

I’m also creating a tool that you can use to automate lots of this as I do.

I will keep you posted on this if you are on my list (if not, register at

You’ll want to watch the video to see more about this.

Share with your friends as they need this too.

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