Generating leads on social media dos and donts

If you want to generate leads on social media, you’ll want to know about these dos and donts.

There’s definitely lots to learn when generating leads on social media.

But before we even talk about that, let’s define what we mean by leads.

What are leads?

Depending on who you ask, you might get quite a few definitions for the word lead

A lead can be any of:

1- The social media account who reacted or commented on your social media post
2- The social media account who you had a conversation with via a messaging app
3- A phone number in a phone book
4- An email you found in a blog post
5- The name and email of a person who filled in a capture page form
6- A person who is in your phone contact list

In all cases, a lead should be someone who is interested in what you have to sell.

No matter how you define a lead, keep that in mind.

How do I define a lead?

For me, it’s definitely #5, the name and email of a person who filled in a capture page.

I do not find it useful to define leads as social media connections since I wouldn’t be able to clearly be sure they are interested in my stuff.

I narrow it down even further by saying they are people who are subscribed to my email list.

That is why I say you also need an email list manager.

Personally, I use aWeber and I promote it too since they have an affiliate program (just go to to setup your free account of up to 500 subscribers)

What are the dos of generating leads on social media?

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

The most important things to remember about social media, is that it’s a social network.

People want to be social, so the platform rewards that behavior and punishes the opposite.

You’ll be rewarded by the platform sharing your stuff with others.

The dos are:

  • React and comment on other people’s posts
  • Create content regularly that your audience engages on
  • Connect with your audience

By doing these 3 dos, you’ll get rewarded.

What are the donts of generating leas on social media?

If you do these donts, you ‘ll get punished by the platform.

The very basic punishment is that your content will not be shared or seen by others.

The very worst if your account would get banned or deleted.

In the middle, there are plenty of nuances, like disabling some features such as liking or commenting.. or turning off posting to groups, etc.

The donts are:

  • Do not share your product or company name
  • Do not post links
  • Do not share too much in short time
  • Do not react to too many posts too quickly
  • Do not follow too quickly

These are explained in other posts I’ve done before.

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The game of generating leads on social media is not too complicated.

If you remember that people want to be social and that platforms reward that behavior, it will be easier for you.

I know it takes longer to build your leads following these rules, but in the end, you’ll have much better leads.

Watch video to learn more.

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