First Steps to Building a Business online with Personal Branding

I was talking with one of my online friends the other day and it made me realize something.

I keep forgetting that the basics aren’t obvious to someone who hasn’t done any of this yet.

Even if you have been following me for years, you might have no clue what a niche is or what you need to do to get started.

The first steps to building a business online

In the video, I cover this more but the first thing you really need to do is choose your niche.

Ok, well, maybe it’s figuring out what a niche is…

Or, figuring our your passion and what you wan to be selling.

How do you figure all that out?

What if you have no clue? You just know you want to build a business… but where to get started?

How did I start?

Maybe it’ll help you to know how I got started.

I’ve always wanted to build something that others could benefit from.

Way way back, I created a program to test the speed of your printer. It was a free download and would help you decide the printer to buy.

Cool right?

That got me a job and eventually I started a business to help small businesses create a cheap office server from an old PC instead of buying an expensive PC an put Windows NT on it.

Anyway, I also got into network marketing which I loved because it was all about helping others make money from home by promoting someone else’s products.

The only way to succeed was by helping more and more people have success.

Help others get what they want

That’s how I came to the online world.

I wanted to build my network marketing team and business using online strategies.

I learned it all in a mishmash fashion.

Took me years to understand there were things I should do before trying to sell for example.

What are the steps?

There’s a lot to learn for sure.

The first thing you really need to figure out is your passion.

Without that, nothing else will really work.

However, one thing I realized is that the sequence of how you learn also matters.

This is why I decided to create my 12 Steps eBook.

It’s called the 12 Critical Steps to Your Online Success and those are really one way to organize your thoughts and to go through the process of starting a business online.

Get it at

The other eBook I wrote will help with the things to do online while you are building your business.

The eBook is called The Top 10 Simple Online Strategies that actually attract customers and team members to you.

You can get that one at

What if you have nothing to sell?

Of often get asked this too.

Your passion might be like mine… to help others but if you have nothing to sell, how can you generate income?

I’ve got lots of ways to do that too.

You can:

  • Promote Click eCourse memberships (at
  • Promote other people’s courses (for example
  • Promote PLR web site (see
  • Promote education platform My Lead System PRO (see

As you can see, there are lots of ways to generate income online even if you have nothing to sell.


Even with everything you learned today, you can see that there is a lot more to learn.

My 12 Steps eBook is a starting point to learn the basics as is my Top 10 Simple Online Strategies eBook.

There will always be more to learn but if you start on the right foundation, you’ll find success faster.

Make sure to share this message as your friends need to hear this too.

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