How to Sell your Course on Click eCourse platform?

If you have a course hosted anywhere else of you haven’t hosted it yet you can find out here how to sell your course on Click eCourse platform?

Why would you want to host it on Click eCourse instead of those “big name” sites?

Click eCourse is a course hosting platform with features not found on other sites.

It’s not just a course hosting platform, it’s a complete social media platform with groups, business pages and ability to post status upates.

You can even private message other member on the platform.

We even have a WordPress option for you to host your own blog.

What’s the process to host a course?

There’s nothing complicated about hosting a course on Click eCourse.

You can use YouTube (or even Facebook or Vimeo videos) to host your content.

1- Register a free account
2- Create your course and add lessons
3- Setup your paypal to get paid
4- Send traffic to course page

Pretty simple, right?

What else can you do on Click eCourse?

Once of the really great things about Click eCourse is how it will automatically share new course updates (if you want) to the news feed so that members can see your course being updated and will go check it out.

Your course can contain any number of video lessons or files added to it.

You can setup a more advanced course with modules as well where each module can have one or more lessons, files or quizes.

Course sales pages are setup by default but you can fully customize them with your own HTML pages.

We integrate with any third party pixel tracking service using header code, but we support Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, aWeber and Pinterest pixels directly.

It’s even possible to setup a chat bot using ConversioBot with different conversation depending on if the visitor is a student or not.

Affiliate program with Click eCourse

One of the best features of Click eCourse is that it’s a fantastic affiliate program.

You can promote any one else’s course as long as they’ve made their course with a commission to it.

Some course owners will give you up to 100% of the sale too because they just want the leads.

But the best part of the affiliate program is the monthly membership commissions you can get up to 75% off what other members pay.

Why would anyone pay for membership?

You might be wondering why anyone would pay for membership on Click eCourse if you can host a course for free.

There are lots of reasons, but one would be because the free plan limits how many courses you can host and also only supports embedded videos.

The other main reason is percent of commission you get when you are a free member. To get the highest paid commission on your referrals, you must be at the highest membership.


You’ll really want to watch the video as I show you how to setup your first course on Click eCourse.

It’s a simple process, but there are lots of options so you might wonder what you can leave as defaults.

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