What is Click eCourse platform and why do you need to use it?

You’ve seen me post about Click eCourse and your’re wondering What is Click eCourse platform and why do you need to use it?

It’s a great question for sure.

I mean, there are lots of other platforms out there to host courses on.

Let’s answer the first question

What is Click eCourse platform?

The Click eCourse platform can be found at https://clickecourse.com

It started as a Course Hosting platform but has grown into a social media, personal branding and education platform.

You can host your course on it and you can connect with other course creators and students.

If there is one thing I need to improve is my description of the platform.

What can you do on it?

If you look at the plans page on Click eCourse, you can see there are lots of features.

Here are a few things you can do on the site.

Host a course as a creator

As a teacher or creator, you can create a course and host it on Click eCourse.

That’s the primary function of the platform.

When you publish the course, it will show up in the news feed as a new course.

Attend a course as a student

You can become a student of a course.

As a student, you can keep track of which lesson you’ve seen.

Click eCourse will also remember what timestamp you are in on each lesson so you can resume where you left off.

It will even allow you to switch from once device to another easily.

Earn commissions

There are 3 ways to earn income from the Click eCourse platforms.

The first way is to create a course and sell it.

You could also upload a PLR course which permits resell rights.

The two other ways are to earn commissions.

You can earn commissions by promoting other people’s courses (if they setup their course to be promotable)

You can earn up to 75% commission by promoting the platform itself.

Connect and communicate with others

Once you have an account on the platform, you can communicate with others on it.

Send them a private message using the PM option.


As you can see, there is lots you can do on Click eCourse platform.

I barely scratched the surface.

We didn’t talk about course coupons and deals or chat bots either but you can see that in the video.

Don’t forget to share with your course creator friends.

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