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What goes on behind the scenes at Click eCourse?

You hear it everywhere online when you look up personal branding and attraction marketing.

Document the journey they say!

What does that actually mean?

Well, today, it means showing you what I do on a normal day when coding new features in the back end.

What is Click eCourse?

Let’s first explain what Click eCourse is.

It’s a web site, or a platform, that you can use to do the following:

  • Host and sell your courses online using the courses engine
  • Publish your blog posts using the WordPress engine
  • Connect with other entrepreneurs using social engine
  • Syndicate your content using the syndication engine
  • Publish a podcast using the audio engine
  • Earn income by promoting other course creator’s courses
  • Earn income by promoting the platform and engines

I started building the platform in July 2018.

Check it out at https://clickecourse.com/

It’s crazy to think it’s been this long.

Of course, it started with a simple course hosting platform and has grown quite a bit from that.

What does document the journey mean?

I’m sure you’ve heard that plenty.

I used to think it meant sharing everything that’s going on (and maybe it could be that) but now I know it’s more about letting people in to your activities that are of interest to them.

So, for example, me, I’m building a web site and a platform…

Part of my journey is having a day job and coding the back end for the site.

I can show some of that so that the members in my audience that are interested can learn about what I do.

The other thing you can ask yourself is if you could go to the future, where you have achieved all your goals and have the success you are working towards today, what do you think you’d like to know about today?

I mean, would you want to see your work area?

Would you want to learn about the things you struggled with?

How about the people you met and are friends with?

There’s a lot to document, right?

Working on the backend to add coupon to membership plans

To that end, today, I thought I’d show you how the coding works for me.

I’ll show you my screens as I develop the code to add coupons to the membership process.

First, I need to add a coupon input box with a button to manage the coupons for the site admin.

In the backend, I would add code to do that.

And then I would need to add a function in the front end code to allow editing of the coupons in a popup.

Which required a new Database table to be created

Now I still need to add the code to the backend that fetches the coupons and displays the results, allows the admin to add, delete and edit coupons.

Finally, I also need to add code to allow the use of coupons by new members.


Of course, this is super geeky stuff.

You might even be a programmer and know that I could have do it this way or that way instead which would have been so much better.

But, if you’re really a good programmer, you’d also know that all methods have benefits and drawbacks but in the end, it’s about the customer!

Watch the video if you’d like to see how I go about doing all this.

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