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How to send broadcast emails only to indoctrinated subscribers?

Have you been trying to build your list and wonder how to send broadcast emails only to indoctrinated subscribers?

First, what are “indoctrinated subscribers” you ask?

Well, they are people on your list that have received specifically crafted emails from you.

Some call these introductory emails or soap opera sequence emails.

What are indoctrination emails?

I’ve been building my email list for almost 5 years now.

In my first year, I created a list so people could get to know me.

That first list gave them a free training I could give them for free from MLSP (My Lead System PRO – check them out at http://mlsp.jeansergegagnon.com)

So, they’d get on the list by entering their name and email on page and they’d get the free training as the first email.

Then I’d send them 3 other emails that told them about me.

That would “indoctrinate” them to me.

Adding new lists

Over time, I created more lists. I used aWeber which now has a free plan to get started – go check that out at http://aweber.jeansergegagnon.com

Some say to just have a single list and that might be better in some case but for me, I was creating new things to give them so I wanted a new list because I needed to send them something different.

For example, I created an email on how to get someone’s phone number and wanted to give that away.

Today, it’s not my focus, but you can still get it if you’d like at http://getnumber.jeansergegagnon.com.

I needed a way to send someone an email about that e-book without other stuff being sent to them.

That’s why I created a new list.

But then, how do I indoctrinate them too?

When I did back then was also subscribe them to my introduction list with sent them those same 3 emails.

The better way

Now I use tags and campaigns.

It’s a lot better and you have a lot more control.

In aWeber, you can create emails as follow up series (which is what I did in beginning) as broadcasts (which I did every day) or as campaigns.

What you want to be able to do is send out broadcast emails only to those who have been indoctrinated, right?

You can do that by applying a tag to your subscriber but only after they’ve received your indoctrination emails.

Then, you create a segment with the tag and broadcast to only that segment.

Tagging your subscribers

If you already have a list, you’ll want to first tag them.

Choose a tag name that makes sense to you.

Me, I called it seinfeld because my mentor, Russell Brunson talks about sending Soap Opera Sequence emails to indoctrinate your new subscribers and then Seinfeld emails daily after that.

Go to your list and the subscribers search page.

You can then search for subscribers that were added, for example, more then 2 weeks ago.

Then you apply a tag by selecting them.

And select the action to tag them

And enter the tag you want

Create the segment with the tag

Once you’ve created the tags, you can now create a segment.

The same way you searched for subscribers added before date X, you can search for subscribers with tag X.

After the results are shown, you can save it as a segment.

Note that if you have multiple lists, you’ll want to call the segment the same name otherwise you won’t be able to broadcast to multiple lists with that segment name.

Applying tags automatically

Now that you will be using the segment name to send broadcasts, you will want to apply that tag automatically after someone has been indoctrinated.

That’s why I use campaigns.

With email campaigns in aWeber, you can send out emails for a few days that are specific to the list they joined and then add that tag so they don’t get the broadcasts until they’ve completed the welcome emails.

For example, in my new list for my 2 Hour Work Day webinar, I send out a welcome email and 2 more emails the next 2 days, then on day 3, I add the tag which means they’ll get my broadcast only starting on day 4.

Obviously, you can do it many different ways but that’s what I do.


You’ll really get more of this by watching the video.

I go through adding tags, searching and even creating a broadcast email as well as scheduling it to go to just the people who have been indocrinated.

You’ll also want to look at all my blog posts with the aWeber category as I show other tips on aWeber.

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