What is your Origin story and how to come up with it?

One thing that I’ve been trying to put together is my origin story.

You might be thinking it’s just the story of how I got here and you’d be partly right.

In this case, what I’m talking about the Origin Story as explained by Russell Brunson in the Perfect Webinar framework.

What is the Perfect Webinar framework?

Before we even got the Origin Story, let’s make sure you know what the Perfect Webinar is.

The Perfect Webinar is a framework explained by Russell Brunson in his book Expert Secrets.

He also has a complete training just on the Perfect Webinar itself.

I can’t give it justice so you really should get it yourself (it’s a ridiculous $7 right now) at http://pw.jeansergegagnon.com

What I can say though is that it’s a framework that explains a super effective way to do webinars.

The framework talks about 4 stories and then a close

What is the Origin Story?

As I said earlier, the origin story is about how you got to where you are.

However, it’s relating to a very specific thing.

It’s relating to what you are selling in your webinar.

I mean, you are selling something, right?

That’s why you’d do a webinar.

So, it’s all about getting your attendees to feel how you felt in your journey to how you got to love and be super passionate about your offer.

How to come up with your Origin Story?

I guess I can’t say yet that’s I’m a super expert on this but I have to do it for myself and I’ve gone through the training quite a few times by now.

So here’s what I came up with.

You need to think of these questions when trying to define your origin story:

1- Why do you believe that your offer is the best thing since sliced bread?
2- What are the emotions you went through that gave you that belief?
3- How did you discover it?
4- What were your struggles before?

Essentially, the tell a story framework is like this:

1- How was it before?
2- What happened? What did you discover?
3- How is it now?

What is the purpose of the Origin Story?

When you’re doing a webinar, the purpose of it usually revolves about the offer you’ll be selling at the end.

One thing that Russell teaches in the perfect webinar framework is that you should have only one thing that you are trying to communicate in your webinar.

This “one thing” should be the focus of everything else.

What that means is that the purpose of your origin story is to get people to want what you have to offer.

So how does that work?

How to get them to want what you are offering?

That’s a great question and one that is easier for me to answer for others than for myself.

It’s crazy how we make things difficult for ourselves, I don’t really understand why we do that.

Anyway, the way to get them to want what you are offering is to make them feel the feelings you had when you didn’t have it and then again now that you do have it.

It’s like trying to sell them some weight loss suplement.

You’d say something about how you felt before you lost the weight. How you felt judged by others who weight loss came easy… How you felt like they thought you were just eating too much junk… How you hated you old clothes because they were a reminder of your slimmer you.

Then you talk about finding that supplement… How excited you were at the possibility of getting your old body back… How good it felt to think about what others would no longer judge you… How you coud fit in those favorite pants again.

Finally, you tell them how amazing you feel now… how you can buy clothes from the kids section… how everyone envies you… how you sleep like a baby.

All those feelings make you want to by the supplement, doesn’t it? (well, if you want to loose weight)


It’s not an easy thing to come up with your Origin Story but it helps to see examples and that it can be a simple step by step process.

Watch the video as I talk a little more about that.

I hope I can come up with the right origin story for my perfect webinar.

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