How to become able to post 30 minute videos every day?

I know you’ve heard that you need to be posting content every day.

More recently, you’re probably hearing you need to produce more valuable content and that might mean longer videos.

In my case, it’s 30 minutes or longer for my daily videos.

I mean, seriously, if you look at most platforms, they want more and more video content.

What does YouTube want?

It’s been a long time that YouTube has been around.

They really want you to create longer than 10 minute videos and the longer the videos are, the better your chances are to eventually allow ads in them.

Did you know you can have ads who up in your video if they are 8 minutes or more.

Of course, there’s the whole partner program and needing 1000 subscribers and 4000 views before you can receive any income from those ads placed by others but knowing there’s a 8 minute minimum helps.

Where do you start?

Ok, now that we now the platforms like YouTube want more than 8 minutes, do we just do 10 minute videos?

I don’t think so – personally, I believe that limiting yourself to the bare minimum is not a good idea – you want to over deliver.

So, where do you start? At the beginning!

Seriously, just start doing videos.

How did I start?

This might help you if you have a fear of video.

Don’t beat yourself up, almost everyone hates being on camera and even worse doing a live video!

What if your hair is messed up? What if you got a booger up your nose? What if you have an outfit malfunction???

I get it – it’s a little scary to loose control with live video.

Start by recording – that’s how I started.

I would do a 1-2 minute video and upload it to YouTube.

That’s it – I did that for a long time.

How did I get to 30 minute videos?

Of course, the next thing is to do live videos.

After you’ve started to feel a little comfortable recording and uploading videos, you’ll want to do live videos.

There’s more fears there but when you jump in and do it, you’ll see it’s not that scary.

They say to face the fear and do it anyway – this is one of those times where I’d recommend you follow that advice.

Anyway, I was doing 5-10 minute videos for a long long time until around March 2020.

Nothing to do with the pandemic, it just was a cooincidence.

At that time, I had just learned about the Octo Content Model from Marc Lalonde (it’s a $5000 course that teaches how to be omnipresent – check it out at and decided to follow that model.

I’ve been doing daily 30+ minute videos since then.


The simple truth of the matter is you just need to get started.

Setup a YouTube account and start recording 1-2 minutes videos TODAY!

Then after a while (could be 1 week, 1 month or 1 year – it’s all dépendant on you) you can start to do live videos and eventually longer videos.

Watch the video as I go deeper into all this.

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