What are the Simple Steps to Become Omnipresent?

If you are wondering what are the simple steps to become omnipresent, you might be worried they aren’t simple.

I’m here to tell you that anything can be simple.

I actually have been saying that all along, things aren’t always easy but they can be simple…

Being Omnipresent can also be simple.

That doesn’t mean easy, as a mater of fact, it’s definitely not easy but it can be simple!

What is Omnipresence anyway?

When I say Omnipresence and how you can find the simple steps to become omnipresent, I mean posting every day on all social media platforms.

Pretty insane right?

Is that really something you need to do today?

I think so, yes.

Top leaders are omnipresent, they post everywhere, or should I say, their team posts for them everywhere.

Imagine creating content every single day to post everywhere, insane right?

How can it be simple?

That’s a good question…

How can it be possible to post everywhere EVERY DAY!!!??!?

Well, how anything can be simple is by making it a step by step process.

Since I’ve been posting to over 20 platforms every single day (well, week days) for years and more recently using a specific model, I can actually help you with those steps.

The steps to make it simple

The steps I go through to be omnipresent are these:

1- Create 30+ minute video
2- Write 600+ word blog post
3- Generate the assets
4- Post to all platforms
5- Let syndication post to the others

Of course the steps to get here are a little different

How to get to become omnipresent

Obviously, being omnipresent isn’t something you can just become today.

You need to do a few things before you can be omnipresent.

First step is to decide you want to be.

You need to understand the benefits and choose to take the actions to get you there.

Next, you need to learn the basics (follow me to learn those over time)

Third, you start creating your daily pillar content.

Figuring out your message, offer and audience

Some would say you should figure out your offer, message and audience first.

I do agree that’s got a much better chance of success when you put in the effort or you already know this.

In practice though, so many marketers don’t really know what this is when they start and I feel not taking action until you know this is not the right approach.

I believe in taking action first – then figure it all out.

The action will help you define that too.

What if my video is crappy?

That’s definitely a valid concern.

We are all afraid our content isn’t good, even that is sucks.

And, you know what?

It probably will suck when you start.

Reality check – you have to suck before you are good.

Good news though! No one will be watching in the beginning anyway.

Why is it okay to suck when you start?

The main reason it’s okay that you’ll suck in the beginning is that you audience is small, so no one will be watching.

I still have a relatively small audience – I might get 100-200 views per video across all my platforms.

The good news is that you’ll get better by doing – you can’t get better if you don’t take action.

So just remember that you need to start!


It’s important to start today – make the decision and start creating your daily content.

Don’t worry if you’re not posting every day when you start, just learn the process and it won’t be long

You’ll figure out fast enough the simple steps to become omnipresent.

Watch the video to get more insight on this.

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