Secrets to figuring out the stories you need for Perfect Webinar

What are the secrets to figuring out the stories you need for a Perfect Webinar?

I’ve been doing webinars for years and I’m still working on it.

I certainly understand why Russell Brunson talks about doing the same webinar for over a year before automating it.

The reason is simple: it takes so much time to understand everything about doing a perfect webinar.

What do I mean by Perfect Webinar?

You might be wondering what I mean by Perfect Webinar.

I mean, seriously, can a webinar really be perfect?

I guess it depends on your definition of perfect.

I’ve done about 5 different webinars over the years, none of which were perfect by any means.

Some I did 1 or 2 times, others I’ve done a dozen times.

Most people that teach how to do webinars will start by telling you that you must do them lots of times before you’ll get results (i.e. sales)

So, how does your webinar become a perfect webinar?

Russell Brunson and the Expert Secrets

Okay, I’ll tell you – the Perfect Webinar actually refers to a framework Russell Brunson teaches in his book Expert Secrets (get it from

So, in this framework, he talks about the big domino and the 3 secrets.

I’ve been trying to update my webinar on syndication to use the perfect webinar framework.

Because I’ve been listening to the Expert Secrets audio book since Dec 2018, I’ve learned a lot

Before that, I had followed other experts on how to conduct a webinar but when I learned about the perfect webinar, that’s the only framework I want to follow now.

The Stories in the perfect webinar

I’m still no expert on this, so if you really want to dig into this framework, you really should just get the training yourself.

It’s a ridiculous $7 right now, but I’m not sure how long it will be at that price – so get it now while you can at

Ok, so the stories.

In the perfect webinar framework, there are 4 main stories you need to share.

The first story is the main story, the big domino as Russell explains it, it’s your Origin Story.

The Origin story is where you talk about how you came to the conclusion that what you are offering is the best thing ever.

The other 4 sorties, which are used to explain the 3 secrets are:

1- Vehicle story
2- Inner belief story
3- Outer belief story

How do you come up with your stories?

The biggest question I had and I struggles with (still working on it too) is how do you even come up with the stories.

I think the secret is to remember that every story has to explain how the “one thing” is the best thing ever.

For example, if you’re trying to sell a weight loss supplement yearly subscription at $1000, then your 4 stories would all be about how this supplement is the best and is worth it.

You could talk about how you discovered it, then about how having a set routine helped you, next about how you felt other solutions were too complicated for you but this is easy and finally how your wife kept buying crap and you couldn’t say no but you got help from your the online groups.

Another example might be mlm (a network marketing opportunity)

You could talk about how you got into it and why you learned to believe in it. Then talk about how the mlm model compares to traditional marketing, next how you didn’t think you could do it but there’s a whole system in place to help you and finally how your friends and family are all against you but you discovered how to get leads online.


As you can see, the 4 stories must be all connected to your “one thing” – which is basically the big domino you need to make fall for them.

This is all very well explained in the training by Russell of course.

I go into it a little more in my video, so make sure you want that too.

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