What is simplest way to get started Online and get results?

I bet you want results really fast, right?

That’s certainly what I wanted to do.

When I first started, I told my wife: I’ll be a millionaire in 3 months!

Crazy right?

Well, why not? Sure, all the leaders told me it could take years but I say enough people getting big results after just few months, so why not me?

I was sure I’d defeat the odds.

I didn’t become a millionaire

Unfortunately, it’s been 5 years in my online journey and I’m not a millionaire yet, who’d of thought eh?

But, I am getting closer day by day.

I did learn lots and get lots of results I want to help you get in those 3 months instead of it taking you 5 years as well.

What I discovered is that there’s a lot to learn and if you don’t go about it in a focused way, you just won’t get any results.

How do you get results online?

Before we talk about how to get results, how about we define what results are?

First of all, results are unique to you.

Everyone will say that the end goal is income and I certainly agree but there is so much more you need before you can generate income.

Before generating income though, you need results like these:

  • Social media followers, connections and fans
  • Email subscribers
  • Attendees to your events (such as webinars or live videos)
  • Social proof that you can help others
  • Engagement on your social media posts
  • Created content that others can see
  • Consistency in your daily actions
  • A community of people who know, like and trust you

Without these results, you’ll never generate income online (unless you spend tons on advertising or hire someone else)

What are the simple steps?

So, how do you get there?

You need to know what to do to get there.

What I can do is give you my steps to getting results.

The steps that I eventually learned that I needed to do.

I most certainly didn’t follow these steps the way I will outline them for you, but if you follow them in the order I lay them out for you, I can tell you for sure that you’ll get results faster than me.

The 12 Critical Steps to YOUR Online Success

As outlined in my free e-book at http://onlinesuccess12steps.com, here are the 12 steps:

1- Define your vision
2- Define your audience
3- Define your avatar
4- Define your offer
5- Create your content copy
6- Define your Attractive Character
7- Soap Opera Sequence
8- Have free item to give
9- Setup your tools
10- Create a capture page
11- Define your offer stack
12- Prepare your first webinar

This list of steps is organized in this order for a reason.

Some could be done in different order but some really needs to be done in that order.

For example, setting up your tools is step #9 – I setup my tools at the very beginning of my journey – big mistake!

I wasted so much time setting up tools that I didn’t need to do at all.

Getting started

I’m not going to go into details of all these steps but I can explain some here.

You’ll want to watch the video as I go into more details there.

The first 4 steps are all about preparing yourself for the most focused efforts.

By knowing your vision, audience, avatar and offer, it allows you to very clearly produce content.

I didn’t do any of that before getting started, it was terrible mistake but I didn’t think it was a big deal at the time.

My mentors told me those things were important but I just figured I’d get to it eventually.

Yeah, I did get to it, but I had not much success before that, I really wasted years because of that.

After knowing the basics

Once you know your vision, audience, avatar and offer you can start to create content.

This content is for your social posts, for your email list and for your blog posts.

Your email lists need to get regular emails from you.

That means defining who you are to them – your attractive character.

Once you’ve defined that, you can then create the initial indoctrination emails or, as Russell Brunson calles them, your Soap Opera Sequence emails.

Final steps

Only then do you want to setup your tools, create a capture page and a free item to give them.

Speaking of which, if you don’t have a free item to give them, you can give them free e-books from a PLR site or Private Label Rights at http://plr.jeansergegagnon.com or free training from MLSP or My Lead System PRO at http://mlsp.jeansergegagnon.com

Once you have a growing list, you can start focusing on defining your offer stack and eventually putting on a webinar to sell your big ticket item.


If you havent’ watched the video, make you to watch that now because I explain a lot more about this there.

I hope you get great results from following these 12 steps and would love to hear from you.

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