How to use Click eCourse commissions deals and coupons to sell?

So you created a course and you want to sell it!

Awesome, now what?

How do you get people to buy it?

You can talk to your friends and have them go check it out and buy it.

That’s the first way to go for sure.

We’ll talk about how you can use Click eCourse (at to get better results…

Not everyone will buy just because they know you

But here’s the thing.

Even if they know and trust you, they won’t all buy it.

Sure, some won’t because they just don’t need it but what about those that really need it and could benefit from it?

Let’s face it, some people will only buy if they feel they are getting a deal.

Price doesn’t matter

Do you think it’s true that price doesn’t matter?

Some marketers definitely will tell you it doesn’t matter and I tend to agree with them but it doesn’t mean you can charge whatever you want.

What it means is that it’s not the price that will make someone buy first.

The first thing that will make them buy if the value they feel they’d get.

Notice I said “they feel they’d get”, not that they’d know they’d get.

Why do I say that?

Sales is about emotions

It’s really because emotions is what drives us to take action.

Emotions of feeling good about taking action or feeling bad about not taking action is super important.

Also emotions that we feel good about getting a better deal than others or than tomorrow.

This is why we often hear about urgency and scarcity.

How do you do that though?

Deals on Click eCourse

The first strategy you’ll want to use is a higher price on your course but with a deal.

If you want to sell your course at $500, don’t set the price at $500, instead set it at $1000 or $2000 and create a deal until the end of the week for $500.

It’s pretty simple on Click eCourse to do.

When you edit the course, set the price to the higher amount.

and then, go add a deal at a better price for a limited time.

You can even use the expire type to set the end date to far in future but make it look like the deal is only until the end of the week for example.

By using an end date at the end of the year and an end type of Friday, anyone visiting the course will see a deal until the upcoming Friday.

Cool, right? No need to enter a ton of deals for each week! No one will buy if they deal price ends in 12 months, right?

You can even make it expire tonight by using the Day expire type.

Coupons on Click eCourse

Deals are great because they will allow people to know there’s a special deal going on right now.

However, it’s something that anyone can take advantage of so they won’t feel special.

Coupons are another thing altogether.

If you give a coupon to someone, they will feel special because perhaps they are just one in a few to get this special coupon.

Similarly, just create a coupon by accessing the course page and clicking the Manage Deals and coupons button.

The great things about coupons is you can set a limit on them.

That way, you can give a coupon to a single person or make it with a maximum use of 5 or 10.

This way, when they try to use it, they will see how many are left.

For example, if we create a coupon at $1000 for just 1 use.

We’d see that there’s only 1 or 1 left when we try to use it.

You can create as many coupons as you’d like for your courses.

Even coupons to give your course away for free.

How to use commissions to have others promote your course

Finally, but certainly not least is the commission option for your course.

When you create your course and you set the price, you can also set a percentage you want to give to anyone who promotes your course.

Some even give away 100% of the sales to encourage promotion because they want the long term relationship with the new student more than the money from this one sale.

Find the commission option in the Price /Commission tab.

You can also decide who you’ll pay commissions to.

  • Free user: Pay commissions to anyone who promotes
  • Paid Site member: Only pay commissions if they have a paid plan on the site.
  • Buyers of this course only: Pay only to students of the course

Becoming an affiliate

Before someone can promote your course though, they must become an affiliate on the platform.

Anyone can become an affiliate and it’s as simple as following the steps outlined in the Affiliate program details page.

Which you can find by clicking the More and then Affiliate menu entry.

Becoming an affiliate is an easy process of simply entering your information and agreeing to terms and rules.

Once someone is an affiliate, they will have a special link only for them for your course.


Although it’s possible to make sales with a great course, you will benefit from using a platform that allows you to create deals, coupons and give other commissions.

It doesn’t really matter how good your course is if no one sees it right?

Sure, you could spend tons on ads and it might be worth it but don’t you want results for less expense?

Watch the video as I show exactly how to do all this.

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