What are the Top 5 Facebook Engagement hacks?

Not sure if you’re like me, but I get almost no engagement on my Facebook posts!

It’s frustrating because Facebook wants you to create a business page and spend money on ads.

Maybe that’s the easy way to do it but if you want to increase your engagement organically, on your personal profile posts, I’ve got you.

I mean, sure, I don’t get engagement right now but I know exactly why and you’ll see that’s true

What is engagement?

Maybe you’re not sure what I mean by engagement, so let’s clarify it.

I use this term the same way Facebook Ads uses it.

When Facebook ads talk about an engagement campaign, they mean 3 things.

  • Reacting
  • Commenting
  • Sharing

That’s really all it is.

Reacting means clicking one of the reaction button such as Like or Love this post (or comment)

Commenting means, well adding a comment to a post (or replying to a comment)

Sharing means clicking the Share button and sharing the post to your profile, a page or a group.

What engagement am I getting now?

First, let’s clarify the engagement I’m getting now and have been getting.

In the last week I’ve been taking actions to increase my engagement and it’s starting to show.

Right now, my posts are getting 3-10 comments and 10-30 reactions.

That’s certaily not a lot, but compare that to practically none 2-3 weeks ago.

Sure, some posts still get no engagement but I’ve been working this strategy just a week or so.

In another week or two, it will double and soon get to hundreds if I keep this up.

What are the top 5 hacks?

The top 5 Facebook engagement hacks are:

  1. Remember it’s all abuot reciprocity
  2. If you take action, they will take action
  3. Do for others what you want others to do for you
  4. Post regularly and consistently
  5. Make your posts and profile public

Let’s get more into each of these hacks.

1- Remember it’s all about reciprocity

The law of reciprocity is how it works in real life.

It’s also what the law of attraction teaches us.

Basically, it states that what you do it directly proportional to what you get.

That’s why social media platforms like Facebook implemented code to do the same thing.

What this means to you is that if you want the platform to do something for you, you need to do something for it.

Think of why Facebook exists and what they want from their users.

The will reward you if you do what they want you to do.

2- If you take action, they will take action

One of the major rules in the reciprocity law is just this.

If you do nothing on Facebook, or rather take no actions, then no actions will be taken towards you.

WHat I mean is if you just open the app and scroll through the feed and only do that, that’s all that others will do too.

It’s one of those laws that reciprocity teaches

From a Facebook perspective, it means to take the actions you want others to take on yours.

Facebook will reward you by showing your stuff to others until enough of them take actions to make it “even”.

3- Do for others what you want others to do for you

Again, reciprocity says that you’ll get what you want if you give it away first.

You probably heard that before.

Give away money to charities if you want money…

Give smiles to people if you want smiles back.

It starts with you taking action, don’t expect others to take action if you don’t.

Sure, you might get lucky and come across someone trying to be “first” but don’t wait for that.

This means that if you want people to react to your posts, you must react to posts.

If you want people to comment on your posts, you must comment on posts.

If you want them to share your posts, you must share other people’s posts.

Pretty basic stuff.

4- Post regularly and consistently

If there’s one thing that pretty much every single coach and guru out there will agree with, it’s this!

I mean, it’s pretty obvious that if you don’t post, nobody will see anything since there’s nothing to see.

But, the truth is that the platforms like Facebook are there to show content, so they need yours.

They don’t have their own content, they need yours to show to others.

The caveat is that it must be consistent and regular because Facebook is a “robot” which means it will create rules based on past experience.

If you change your behavior, it will get all confused, so keep it consistent.

It can be one post a day, on a week or 5 a day – it doesn’t matter too much as long as it’s consistent.

So pick your consitency and stick to it.

5- Make your posts and profile public

Lastly, this is something you may resist as many do.

Most that resist this argue that they are posting private stuff that they just want for their family and friends.

That’s great but you’re posting it on a public web site.

Especially if you’re trying to build a business, you need to post public stuff.

You woudn’t put a wall in front of your shop on main street right? You’d have big windows so people could see what you sell from the street, right?

Same goes for online marketing – make sure they can see your stuff even if you’re not friends.


I bet you weren’t expecting the tips to looks like that.

Sure, I could give you exact actions like post 3 times a day, spend 15 minutes commenting on posts, go to 5 friend profiles and comment and react to their posts and go to 5 groups every day and comment on those posts.

That’s all actions you should be taking daily to increase your engagement, sure, but I wanted you to understand the reasons for it.

I’m actually taking those actions myself right now and building a tool to help with it which I wil be releasing soon.

Make sure to watch the video to learn ore about these hacks.

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