Top 5 things you need for a Successful Online Course

What are the Top 5 things you need for a Successful Online Course?

First let me say that you’ll most likely be surprized as to what these top 5 things are.

Of course, in the blog post, you can just scroll to the bottom to see what the list is, but take a moment to read the rest before scrolling to bottom… you’ll be happy you did.

I know that we tend to think of the same things because we see other successful course creators and what they do.

We also see their courses and assume we need the same thing.

Well, we do, but it’s most likely not what you think.

What is not in the top 5 things?

Lets start with what the top 5 things are not….

I bet you will look at this entire list and think that is definitely something important to have and you’d be right.

I’m not saying these thing are not important.

What I’m saying it that they are not in the top 5 things you need to have a successful online course.

Of course, all these things help your success, keep that in mind.

Here’s the list NOT in the top 5:

  • Your microphone quality (I use my laptop and phone mic)
  • Your camera (I use my laptop webcam and my phone camera)
  • Your editing software (I use OpenShot and Windows movie maker)
  • Your editing skills (I just learned over time with YouTube videos)
  • Your oncamera skills (I just click record and go)
  • Your recording software (I just use OBS and live social apps)

Surprised, right?

Now let’s get a little more into each of these and why they aren’t in the top 5 things.

Why is your microphone not in top 5 things?

Sure, it’s important to have a good microphone.

You can buy $100 and $200 microphones.

Heck, I bought a $279 bluetooth microphone/earbud a few years back.

It’s great but it’s not what will make your course successful.

It will help with making it easier or with sound quality and, yes, that is important.

but not the most important since the microphone on your phone, tablet or computer is fine.

Why is your camera not in top 5 things?

Again, a good camera definitely helps to create high quaity course content.

It helps to have a tripod as well and makes the videos more stable and probably better colors and exposure.

I’ve tried courses with an expensive camera and a tripod but it didn’t really make a difference in the sales.

It was nice to have stable videos and controlled environment, but now I know the camera on my phone or laptop is fine to start.

You don’t need to spend $1000 on a top of the line (or even $2500) reflex digital high def camera.

Do that later when you have tons of success with your current courses.

Why does editing software not fall in the top 5 things?

The next “not in top 5 things” is the editing software.

You can spend a lot on editing software but to be frank, you could just use the editor on your phone to clip the end and beginning of your videos you don’t want.

You can even upload to YouTube and edit it there.

Sure, adding cool transitions, overlays, titles, images and more is great and certainly enhances your course but it’s not going to get you more sales.

So, just start with the free tools out there.

If you want a great free full featured editor, use OpenShot.

Why is editing skills not one of the top 5 things?

Next on the cutting block is your skills as a video editor.

Let’s face it, we all want to edit the videos we record – at least when we get started.

We want to blur out areas…

We want to cut out the beginning or ending…

We want to add music or intro and outro clips…

All these things are great to do and you certainly can learn to do that but it’s also possible to hire someone to do it… not to mention it won’t increase your course sales that much.

Why are on camera skills not one of the top 5 things?

The next skill that I bet you’ll definitely think it the most important is on camera presence.

Seriously, everyone I every taked to thinks without this, there’s no course to be even made.

Truth is, you actually don’t need to be on camera to have a successful course.

You can just record audio or even (not saying it’s the best) use a computerized voice to read text.

Your course could just be a powerpoint as well, doesn’t have to be video to be successful.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it is better to be on camera and record videos, but it’s just not the most important thing to have a successful online course.

Why is your recording software not one of the top 5 things?

Lastly, you might think it’s important to have a good software to record your videos.

Sure, using crappy software or some old computer that isn’t fast enough isn’t the best.

And, beleive me, I’ve done that – you know, where your video seems to pause and resume later missing a bunch of frames? Yep, that happened to me.

Again, I’m not saying it’s better to have bad software, I’m just saying it’s not the most important thing.

Plus, there’s free options out there, like OBS, your phone or your webcam software…

All these are fine to record acceptable quality.

When you’re rich, you can buy better software and a studio if you want.

What are the top 5 most important things?

It’s really quite simple.

It starts with the most basic of online skills.

These skills aren’t even online skills, they are required to sell offline too.

From the article at you can learn lots about it.

That’s right, these are the most important things to have if you want a successful online course.

They are:

  1. You need for people to know you
  2. You need for people to like you
  3. You need for people to trust you
  4. You need for people to follow you and see your content
  5. You need to know what you’re talking about

As you can see, the last one is knowing what you’re talking about.

Most people would think that’s the first thing, right?

Of course it’s important, but even if you are the most knowlegable person in the world on your topic, no one’s going to buy your course if they don’t know, like and trust you… or if they’re not following you to see that you have a course.

Sure, you could have a list of friends you actually reach out to, but who wants to spend their days trying to convince people to buy their stuff?


I imagine you’re at least a little suprised about what it takes to have a successful online course.

Did I mention it’s also not about the online hosting plaform you use?

Check out the video to see more about this and understand even better what I’m talking about.

While you’re at it, get yourself a free account on Click eCourse by registering and create your first course.

Until next time

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