What is Easiest Secret to Marketing Online?

I bet you’ve heard tons of secrets to marketing and building a business online, am I right?

And, how do you leverage this secret to get more sales?

I know I have, I even have books with the title starting with “secrets…” and each chapter is one.

That’s a lot of secrets and the one I’m about to reveal is, in my opinion, the most important and easiest one.

You could always just scroll down this post to go find out what it is but let me stop you.

If you do that, you’ll miss out on what else you need to really take advantage of this easy secret.

I always say it’s not easy but it can be simple

If there’s one thing I learned about marketing online, is that’s it’s never easy.

So, when I say “easiest secret”, I probably should really say the “simplest secret” although in this case, it really is quite easy to do.

What’s not so easy, as are most “easy” things, is to keep doing it until you get results.

As humans, we are often faced with taking actions we don’t see immediate results from and so we quit, thinking it’s not worth the effort.

But, I promise, this secret is truly something that’s worth persisting with.

How to maximize the results from this secret?

If you do take action and implement this secret on it’s own, it might not give you the results you are looking for.

You see, the secret on it’s own is sorta like getting in a car, starting it and pressing the gas pedal with it staying in park.

You might be burning fuel and the engine might be running fast, but you’re not getting anywhere!

Because this is a secret about using social media, you’ll want to make sure your profile and content lets people know who you are and what you’re about.

I’ll explain a bit later why this is so important, but since you’re using social media to market online, as you should, it needs to be obvious to new people who find you.

What does this secret also require?

Since this secret is about social media, there is something super important you must do to get results from this secret.

As with anything else, you can overdo it which is why I suggest the following:

  • Pick a social media platform to focus on (I use Facebook and recommend it)
  • Setup your account with proper profile picture, cover photo, BIO and links
  • Post regularly, at least once a week up to several times a day
  • React and engage on people’s comments on your posts

Like I said before, if you can’t do these things, this secret will have little impact, but if you do (or perhaps hire a VA to do it for you), it will be like magic!

What is this secret?

I know, I need to tell you sometime, right?

Okay, here it is….

Drum roll please…

The secret is: tracking

Now before you go off and tell me you know that and you do it and it’s not helping you much, hold on!

Of course “tracking” can mean many many thing, so I’ll clarify that I’m not talking about google analytics style tracking.

I’m referring more to tracking as in keeping track of what you do on social media

More specifically, who you interact with, when you do and what you do (such as reactions or comments on posts)

Doesn’t the social platform do this already?

That’s definitely a good question and it does, but that data is difficult for you to get as they use it for their feed algorithms!

But, as I said, this secret is truly the easiest one because all you need to do is keep track of these metric.

Each time you interact with someone’s profile, record this:

  • When the interaction happened (date and time)
  • Who you interacted with (their profile url is best)
  • How many posts you commented on
  • How many posts you reacted to
  • If you sent them a private message or not
  • If you sent them a friend or follow request

You’ll probably want to also track if you presented them your offer and if they bought (more on that later)

Like I said, it might be simple and easy to do but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to keep doing it or that it’s easy to keep all this organized.

I have you covered on that – just keep reading – but first…

Why does this method work to get more sales?

That’s the real question isn’t it?

Obviously, anyone doing marketing online is doing it to get sales, so why is this the best method to use on social media?

If you take a minute to think about it, you’ll probably realize that the real goal here is to get exposures to you.

You’ve surely hear about the know, like & trust factor and that on social media, we need to be social.

That means not spamming people with our product or bugging them all the time.

We need to leverage the power of attraction marketing with social media.

To do that, many gurus talk about posting regularly, being active in groups and in your feed and that does work to some extent but when you’re starting out, you don’t have a big audience.

So, what you want is to be seen by your target market.

By engaging on people’s posts, they see you in their notifications, so you are one more exposure to them.

Over time, that grows to them knowing and liking you and eventually they trust you when you reach out to them.

That’s when you can reach out to them and make them an offer and they’re more likely to buy.

Making the process even easier

What if I told you I built a tool to make this process super easy, would you want to hear about it?

Sure, you can use a google sheet, folders on your computer or a CRM to manage all this and that can work.

However, that can also become quite the challenge to organize.

What I can offer you is something that will give you the list who to interact with and after some time, who to make your offer to.

All by you just clicking a few button each time you engage on their posts.

It’s called Active Group Users and it’s a Chrome Extension with a back end web site.


Imagine tracking your actions all the time to know exactly who to make an offer to.

Sounds pretty amazing and easy right?

Watch the video to get even more insights into this and understand why this is super powerful.

I’ve been using Active Group Users Chrome Extension myself for a few months and keep improving it.

I’d really appreciate a share too – just click on the social icons to share this with your friends, I know they’ll appreciate it even more than me!

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