How to keep your commitments to family and business during Holidays?

I know this is something that needs to be kept all year long but the holidays are especially important.

Maybe you’ve felt like I used to feel about it and think your family should know what you need.

It’s funny once you realize it how silly we are to expect others to read our minds.

Oh, BTW, Merry Christmas!

But it’s true, that’s exactly what we expect, that our spouse can read our mind.

Hear me out… but first, let’s talk about the business side.

What are your commitments to your business?

You might be thinking that you only have commitments to your family and it might feel that way.

Probably because we don’t usually think of business decisions as commitments.

But, that’s what they are really, a decision is actually a commitment to yourself and others.

So, how do you keep the commitments to your audience, to your fans?

Just like anything else, you keep your word by taking the actions that produce the results you promissed.

We’ll get into that a little more…

A commitment is just a decision that you keep

So, if a commitment is nothing more than a decision, then it becomes easier to understand.

And it also helps to understand how to keep a commitment.

I mean, if it’s just a decision you made, it should be easy to keep, right?

Maybe, but not always.

Why is it so hard to keep commitments?

It’s not that easy though to keep your commitments and here’s why I think it’s so hard.

First, for your business, it’s hard to keep because you’re the one who made them and you can just as easily break them.

Doesn’t seem like it matters much to break them because you probably feel like it’s your right to change it.

Second, for your family, it’s hard to keep because you feel they don’t understand why you need to keep your business commitments and they feel you are prioritising business over them.

We both know you are doing it all for family, so of course family is more important, but you struggle understanding why they don’t seem to believe you.

What are the real secrets to keeping those commitments?

There really are two secrets to keeping those commitments to both your family and your business.

Especially during the holidays.

Like, for me, this blog post and video is for Christmas Eve, December 24th.

Normally, I post by blog and video every single friday.

That’s my commitment to my business.

And I can keep it because of secret #1: Use scheduling in your posting.

As for my family, my commitment to them is that they are my priority.

This means that Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are theirs.

But, it’s still possible to get my business work done if I use Secret #2 which is to communicate.

You see, communicating is the most important thing to do in any situation and using it during the holidays allows all of us to understand what is going to happen and when.

Making everyone happy is the goal

That’s the end result you want and they want that too.

By communicating, you can ensure your family understands your reasons for doing what you do and they might even give you some leeway that you didn’t expect.

Remember, they can’t read your mind, no matter how often you told them before, they just don’t know.

As for your business, by using scheduling for your posts, you can set it all up ahead of time and post automatically on the dates you normally would.

This makes your audience and fans happy too because they get what they were promised as well.


It might not be the easiest thing to do but it will get easier as time goes on.

By being understanding of everyone around you, it becomes easier too.

Your fans and family will be happier and so will you if you communicate and schedule things.

Watch the video too for more insights on this topic too.

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