Top 5 things to know when creating Facebook Ads

It’s no secret that platforms like Facebook want you to create all kinds of ads.

Over the last 5 years, I probably spent $50k in ads.

I say probably because Facebook no longer shows history past 3 years and I’ve spent $20k+ in my first year because I thought it was mart to do.

As you can see, over the last 3 years, I’ve spent less, about $4k/yr but I want to spend more!

Why do I want to spend more?

Silly question right? Well maybe not.

I guess it depends on your experience with Online marketing if you’ll agree with this or not.

As Dan Kennedy said, and Russell Brunson often quotes, “The business who can spend the most to acquire a customer wins”

Basically, if you can make $2 every time you spend $1 on ads, why wouldn’t you want to spend more?

Problem is, it takes a while to learn the secrets to making more than what you spend.

In any case, let’s get to the 5 things you need to know.

What are the Top 5 things to know when creating Facebook Ads?

Let’s just say what they are so we can dive into them below.

The Top 5 things to know when creating Facebook Ads are:

  1. Don’t sell anything
  2. Just use to grow your audience
  3. Create custom video audiences
  4. Ensure you have a pixel on your blog and optin pages
  5. Have proper follow up sequence in email list

That’s it. Maybe you are thinking this doesn’t make sense, especially #1 but let me explain.

P.S. I explain in the video too so you’ll want to watch that.

#1 – Don’t sell anything


Why would anyone do ads if they aren’t selling anything?

That’s crazy ,right?

Well, yeah, but hold your horses…

I’m not saying to not sell anything – obviously, you need to sell something to run a business.

What I’m saying is, don’t sell anything in your ads.

Basically, your ads should not be trying to get someone to buy something – leave that for the big boys or after you’ve made a few millions.

You’ll understand why in the next things to know…

#2 – Just use to grow your audience

So, this is where it might start to make sense that I say not to sell anything.

Your ads should be used only to grow your audience.

Now, keep in mind, there are many audience you want to grow.

Such as:

  • Your email list
  • Your video viewers
  • Your fan page likes/followers
  • Your persona profile connections/friends/followers
  • Other platform followers/fans
  • Multiple email lists subscribers
  • etc..

When you create an ad, keep in mind that should be the primary goal for it.

#3 – Create custom video audiences

As an example audience to grow given in #2 list, the video audience is the most powerful on with Facebook ads.

The process is not too complicated although you might not know where to go to do it but the idea is that you get a list of who watched your video

You can create any number of video watcher audiences and you can add any number of videos in the list.

There are also many options such as how long they watched it (3 seconds, 10 seconds, or more) and how long ago that was.

Other platforms such as YouTube, Pinterest or TikTok also allow you to create video watcher audiences but Facebook is what we are focusing on here.

Once you have your audience created, any new person watch the video gets added.

You can then create ads and target just those people.

#4 – Ensure you have a pixel on your blog and optin pages

I waited a while to do this when I first got started because it felt like a complicated thing.

It really isn’t very complicated and it’s so important to track this early in your online marketing career.

The reason is that it takes a while for you to build your audience and if you’re not capturing who they are right away, you’ll loose precious time.

Once you have a pixel on your site, you can then create audience for Facebook ads that are based on those people who visited your blog or opt in pages.

I’m sure you’ve seen ads on Facebook after going to some web site – that’s how they do it.

#5 – Have proper follow up sequence in email list

There’s lots of reasons why this is important and related to Facebook ads.

As mentioned before, you don’t want to be selling anything in ads, so what do you advertise then?

Your ads should grow your audience, right?

To grow your email list audience, you want to have an ad that goes to a landing page (opt in page) with nothing to sell but offering something of value for free in exchange for their email.

Then you send them the information by email but what next?

This is where the magic happens – after they get the free value, the next emails are critical!

They must be of interest to them, they must want to open them and they must make them start to know you.

This post isn’t going to get into how you do that, but remember that’s the purpose of the sequence.


I may have caused you to have more questions and answers but I hope you found it eye opening.

Personally, I’m still try to figure it all out but remembering why I do Facebook ads is really helping me these days.

You’ll definitely want to watch the video to get more insights into this.

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