What is the Real Secret to Growing your Know Like Trust factor?

As secrets go for online marketing, this is probably one of the best and less known.

Sure, you know that someone needs to trust you before they’ll buy from you, right?

I mean, do you buy anything from anyone you don’t trust? Think about it, no you don’t.

So, why would anyone buy anything from you if they don’t trust you.

What do marketers do to sell?

The thing is that when we get started online, we learn this truth but we’re also told that it’s a numbers game.

That’s why you see many spamming you messages and asking you to check their stuff out.

Or, you’ll see their ad every 2 seconds in your feed because they know that if you see it enough, it’s human nature to start to believe it.

Hint hint, trust is often gained by simple repetition.

Problem is that can be very expensive but it’s a great clue as to what the secret is!

What is know like trust factor anyway?

Maybe you’re not 100% sure what I mean by the know, like trust factor, so let me explain, at least my version of it.

When you think of buying something, you’ll only buy if you trust the seller, the product or the marketing.

When I say trust, I mean that you actually believe that the product will deliver what you are buying it for.

Maybe it’s a product you never heard of, but you trust your friend who’s telling you it’s a good deal or you’ve seen tons of other people use it.

As a marketer yourself, the know like trust factor refers to the fact that only a percentage of people will trust you enough to buy from you.

The “factor” is like 1 in 100 people (1%) or 1 in 5 (20%) or 1 in 2 (50%) – you want to make this number as high as possible.

How do you grow trust?

Your next question might be how to grow trust factor?

Well, like I said above, you can spend millions on ads but let’s examine why that can actually work…

I mean, seriously, why would we, as humans, grow our trust for someone by seeing more ads?

You do know this right? Advertisers have known it for centuries… if we see an ad often enough, we start to trust the seller for some reason.

Crazy right? But why?

Well, it comes down to the simple fact that seeing ads all the time takes us from “never heard of them to I know who they are”… then we go from “I know who they are” to “I like them, they are funny or cool or smart”…

Lastly, if we keep seeing the ad, we go from “I like them” to “I trust them”.

This is just how the human brain works.

Start by growing the know factor!

What if told you that to grow your “trust factor”, you just need to grow your “know factor”?

That’s right, by growing your “know factor”, people will automatically go from know to like to trust!

It’s really that simple.

That’s why gurus talk about posting regularly, commenting on other people’s stuff and having conversations with them.

Those gurus aren’t wrong, they are absolutely right as a matter of fact.

But how do you make it so your trust factor grows even faster?

The real secret is notifications on profile posts

That’s right, the real secret is commenting and reacting to people’s profile posts.

I mean, sure, they ask questions in groups and want the answers but they really want people to notice their posts on their profile.

That’s the whole reason why they post in the first place.

As you comment on their posts and they see you in their notifications, they can’t help but get to know you.

And, just like repeated paid ads, the more they see you over time, the more they like you because you’re doing something they really appreciate.

As we explained above too, they will automatically trust you after more time.

So how do you focus your efforts even more?

You could just randomly comments on post in your feed – after all those are from people’s profiles.

You could also go to groups and engage there or maybe go check the profiles of those who comment on your stuff.

That will work – for a while – until Facebook’s algorithm kicks in and shows you posts from only those 20 or so people all the time!

I’m sure you know how important new blood is to any business, and yours is no exception – you need new blood every day!

How do you find new blood? Go to groups and pages and places where your target market hangs out, right?

So much work though!

There is a better way to leverage the real secret!

What if there was a better way?

What if you could keep track of who you’ve seen in the last few days to make sure you stay in their notifications?

What if you could easily know how many times they’ve seen you in their notifications so you can message them just as they are trusting you?

Imagine getting almost everyone you talk to looking at your stuff and so many of them actually buying because they know, like and trust you!

It’s possible with Active Group Users Chrome extension!

Get your free trial by installing it in your browser and finding the active users in groups you care about.


You don’t need the Active Group Users Chrome extension to follow these tips, it’s possible to do all that yourself.

As a matter of fact, I did all that myself using text files and spreadsheets and even the Facebook data we all have access to.

I just got tired of all the extra work though to keep track of everything, but you can do that first if you’d like to learn the process.

Check out the video though as I do explain all this even more.

And don’t forget to share with your friends who want to know how to grow their know like trust factor!

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