What is the Best Way to Grow your Know Like Trust on Facebook?

Gurus will tell you to post everyday, comment on everything and eventually people will buy from you.

That’s actually true but what if you could make it happen sooner than “eventually”?

Wouldn’t you want that? I know I do!

But before we get into the best way to grow your know like trust factor on Facebook, how about I explain what I’m talking about?

What is the Know Like Trust (KLT) factor?

The know, like & trust factor is probably the most important measurement you need to improve if you are trying to sell anything!

It basically tells you how many people will buy from you, pretty cool right?

Obviously, you can guess that the higher the number the more sales you’ll make.

When you have no trust factor, it basically means it’s like is 1% which means that out of 100 people, 1 will buy.

That means you’d have to talk to 1000 people to get 10 sales, right?

That’s why people are taught to spam their message because if they send it to enough people, they’ll eventually get a sale.

That’s just not right, at least, I don’t like it and I teach not to do that.

I’d much rather show you how to grow your KLT factor to 10 or even 50% so that you can get a sale with every 2 to 5 people you talk to.

How to grow your Know Like Trust (KLT) factor?

As the words allude to, the more people trust you, the higher your KLT and the more likely they are to buy from you.

Growing it is rather simple, but time consuming.

All you need to do is to get people to know and like you so that they then trust you enough to buy from you.

In the “real world”, that means going to all the neighborhood BBQs and being the nice people who is interested in everyone else by asking them questions and genuinely listening.

Pretty common sense, right?

Well, online, it’s no different – go to all the BBQs (hang out in groups) and be nice to people (react to their posts) and ask them questions (comment on their posts) and genuinely listen (reply to their comments)

Problem is time and organization.

How to organize your KLT growth activities?

In the real world, if you went to the same BBQ every year, it would take a few years for people to positively respond to you if you tried to sell them something – probably 5 years+

If you went to 5 different BBQs, that would be no different, but for each person in each BBQ, you follow?

On social media, it pretty much the same thing except that it’s not 20-50 people per BBQ (group), it’s more like 50000 people.

Obviously, you can’t be nice (react to posts) to all these people, so you have to pick and choose.

You can let the platform decide what to show you and just go with that and if you’re lucky, after 5 years, you’ll have a few people you can offer your product too.

Oh, btw, don’t forget, you need to be posting content too so the platform likes you too, but that’s a topic for another day.

To speed that up, you need to focus on specific people and keep engaging on their posts so they see you in their notifications and get to know and like you.

They will automatically like you if you are reacting to and commenting on their posts – that’s why they are posting – to get comments and reactions.

If you keep it up long enough, they will also trust you enough to take a look at your product.

Organizing your KLT growth activities is just about keeping track of who you are currently engaging on and how many times you’ve done so, so far.

After doing this for a while, you’ll get the hang of how long to wait until you offer them your product.

What can you achieve by manually managing your KLT growth?

I can’t tell you the answer to that because if depends on you and your ability to keep track of activities and your product.

But, I can tell you that many marketers get amazing results because they are really good at managing their activities.

I mean, if you can keep track of interactions with 10-50 people every day and make sure you engage on their posts enough so they see you enough to get to the threshold you need for trust, I salute you.

Seriously though, if you’re like me, and just don’t have time to track (or interest in tracking) all this… and just engage on the posts Facebook shows me in my feed, I might have so great news for you.

What if you could focus on engagement and offers and let a tool handle who and when?

Always use the best tool for the job at hand

It’s probably no surprise that I got tired of seeing the same people in my feed and felt like I wasn’t getting new blood in my business.

I’m sure you know that any business without regular new blood eventually dies.

That’s why I created Active Group Users Chrome Extension.

It does the work for you to find who to engage with and to track how far along the journey they are in your KLT growth process.

Basically, you tell it what groups your target customers hang out in and it gives you a list of the people who are active in those groups.

Then you just need to visit those profiles and let the tool tell you who to visit next.

After a few weeks (yes, it takes time to do things right), you’ll have people you can contact to offer them your product and they will actually take time to look at it.


Imagine how your business would grow if you could get 75% of the people you talk to actually look at your offer?

If only 33% buy it, that means that if you asked 100 people, you’d get 25 sales!

Obviously, those numbers are not guarantees but I’m sure you can see how that is possible if the people you talk to already know, like and trust you because you are doing what they want you to do.

Check out the video to get more insights on this important topic.

And don’t forget to share, your friends will thank you for it.

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