What are the 5 Easy Steps to Getting more people to look at your Offer?

It’s no secret, you want people to check out your offer because you know the more see it, the more sales you’ll get.

That’s why we all start our online journey by spamming people our links.

And boy, do we get discouraged when no one even looks at it!

Not to mention how we get put in “jail” by the social platforms because we got reported as a spammer!

So, let’s talk about the right way to getting more people to look at your offer.

What do gurus tell you to do?

I know I usually don’t give the answer this early in a post but this post is different so here’s the 5 steps:

  1. Define your avatar and your target market – who are they and what do the like and dislike?
  2. Find out where they congregate – what groups do they hang out in on Facebook?
  3. Post content regularly that your target market will align with and understand (and others might not)
  4. Find who is posting in groups and answer their questions and help them
  5. Contact people about your offer – After a while, you will have a list of people who know you because they saw your content and like you because you helped them so they’ll take a look at your offer.

That’s all great and it does work but I had a problem with that.

What’s the problem with what the gurus tell you to do?

I don’t know about you, but for me, I struggled with keeping track of who I already “helped” and when would be a good time to contact them.

For years, I just did it with the assumption that it just works out and that might be true but I felt like I ran out of people to contact because Facebook was showing me the same people all the time.

I had to actually make the conscious effort of digging for new people and new groups.

I theory that’s great because it’s true that if you follow the same steps you did when you first started, you can probably reproduce the same results because you’ll always be connecting with new people, right?

Call me crazy, but doing the same thing over and over is not for me, unless I use a tool because my brain doesn’t want to do something it already knows how to do too many times!

What happens when you do these steps though?

Regardless, the reason why these steps are important to do is for one single basic truth.

People will only buy from people they trust, people automatically trust someone they like and they automatically like someone they see often enough doing things they like.

You see, all you have to do is enough things they like for them to know and like you… then they will automatically trust you.

That’s what you want, we all want, for them to trust you because that’s the only way they will buy from you.

Problem is that it’s not something that we easily do all the time consistently, at least I don’t unless I have something that make it a brainless action for me using automated processes.

What tools can you use to automate the process?

So, I started using tools to automate it.

I had access to a CRM tool which allowed me to capture when I contacted people and take notes of what was discussed – great tool.

But it didn’t take long for me to feel it was too tedious to enter something every time I commented on their posts or sent them a PM.

Then I decided to simplify it – I would just put in a Google sheet their profile and record when I commented on their stuff.

But boy, is the tedious too… luckily I’m a programmer so I create a tool and have been using it for over 3 months now.

The best part is I made it so you could use it too!

What’s the best tool to grow your know like trust factor?

The tool I created is called Active Group Users and it’s a Chrome Extension.

You just go through these steps to start using it:

  • Go to web site https://activegroupusers.com to learn more
  • Add it to browser (many support the extension)
  • Register for your free account and get the activation key
  • Open the extension and paste the activation key
  • Add the groups you want and click the start button
  • Use the list to visit their profiles and let the tool track your progress

Pretty basic but it’s a tool so you might need some help getting used to it.


No matter what you do and how you do it, what is critical is knowing what you did and when so you can know when you are ready to contact someone.

Imagine a tool that knows that you have a 95% chance that the person you contact will say YES!

Wouldn’t that be the most awesome tool ever? Well, the tool is here!

You’re gonna want to watch the video to see how to use the extension.

And, BTW, you’ll want to share this too with your friends because all marketers need this!

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