How to Get people to Trust YOU enough to Buy from YOU on Facebook?

You’ve heard all the online marketing gurus tell you that people will only buy from those they trust.

Those gurus are not wrong, I’m sure you agree that you only buy from those you trust.

If you’re thinking you buy from people you don’t trust all the time, take a moment to think about why you do that.

It’s also important to think about the difference with buying from people online.

Some will tell you they don’t need to trust you to buy from you.

One of my friends put it this way: If I go to your home town bar, I’ll buy a beer from the bartender without trusting him.

What you must understand about that is what trust is at work here.

You might not know the bartender or the bar but you know the brand of the beer and the fact there are health guidelines and laws protecting you from fraud.

I mean, you wouldn’t buy a beer from this guy if he met you in some back alley and poured it from some unmarked container, right?

How do you get people to trust you online?

Before they’ll buy from you, they need to trust you but how do you make that happen in such an impersonal digital world?

Have you heard about Know, Like and Trust factor? Or perhaps the KLT ladder?

That’s something I talk about a lot and you can hear more about it in many other posts.

It’s basically a way to understand that to get to trust, you need to go through the other rungs of the ladder.

This is why many gurus simply tell you to do these 2 things: post regularly and engage on other’s posts.

Is it really that simple?

Wouldn’t it be crazy if it was as simple as posting regularly and engaging on other people’s posts?

Actually, it sort of is… except the platform controls some of your activity if you let it.

Sometimes, it can be good to just let the platform control things.

It’s how most of us get started online anyway.

We get told to post every day, post content your target market is interesting in and comment on their posts.

The cool thing about Facebook is that they use your activities to show you posts that you’d be interested in and show your posts to those who would be interested in your stuff.

It’s a win-win for everyone – you, them and the platform… or is it?

What happens if you let the platform control it all?

Even though the platform does a great job of showing you the right content and showing your stuff to the right people, the problem is it’s the same.

That’s good for the first 6 to 12 months – that’s how you get people to trust you, because they see you stuff, get to know you, then like you and eventually trust you.

The problem is that after a while, you’re not reaching new people…

Unless you spend money on ads – and no one wants to be forced into that, right?

How do you break free from the platform’s control?

If you want to reach new blood, you’ll need to go find them.

That’s why gurus tell you to visit groups and comment on posts there.

That certainly works and Facebook will start to change what it does based on your activities.

The challenge is always the same: how do you know when someone is open to hear about your offer?

You could just let them come to you but we all know that it’s a numbers game and in the beginning you must reach out to people as well.

The lure of Attraction Marketing

I was seduced by the lure of attraction marketing with it’s promise that “if you build it, they will come”

What I wasn’t told is that people need to trust you before they will come!

Personal Branding is an important aspect of building online trust as is Attraction Marketing to bring people to you so you don’t have to reach out to them.

However, this takes time and what they don’t tell you is that it takes social proof before others will just come and buy from you.

Before you have social proof, which basically means others saying how great your product is, you need to do the reaching out to new prospects.


It’s all best summed up in a post I did recently:

– How do you get people to buy from you?
Get them to trust you.
– How do you get them to trust you?
Get them to like you.
– How do you get them to like you?
Get them to know you and do things for them without asking for anything in return (like commenting on their posts)
-How do you get them to know you?
Post about you and be in their feed and notifications.

Watch the video for more insights on this important topic.

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