How to Efficiently Repurpose Video to all Platforms?

You might have noticed I share, what appears to be, the same video on all platforms.

Crazy right?

What you might not be aware of, is that there is a method to my madness.

It’s one thing to share the same video to all platforms just to post and share everywhere, but it’s not what I’m doing.

I’m sure you’ve heard gurus and coaches tell you that you need to share content native to the platform.

What is native content?

What the gurus mean when they say you should share native content is that each piece of content should be uniquely created for the platform.

For example, if you post on Instagram, it should be a square image, a square video or a IGTV formatted video.

The text should mention the platform by name and in a video, you should talk to that platform.

If you really wanted to create videos for each platform, you’d record a new video for each so that the words used are relevant to the platform.

For example, in instagram video, you’d talk about followers and ask them to follow you and heart your post, but in LinkedIn video, you’d talk about connecting with you and Facebook would be becoming friends.

Stories are a great example of native content too

If you think of stories and recording them, that can explain the concept even better.

Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok all allow you to record stories.

Each platform has different options and tools to record your story and you can also upload videos.

In the best world, where you have time to do this, you’d record a story using the platform’s video recording tools and options to make it unique to that platform.

It wouldn’t be extremely time consuming but if you recorded a 60 second story for each platform and took 5 minutes to edit and perfect it, that would be about 25 minutes per day.

But that’s just stories!

I always thought there’s got to be a better way!

How did I learn to be omnipresent and why?

I remember my friend Marc Lalonde, the Wealthy Trainer a few years back put together a training he called Octo Content (btw, you can get it at – use the coupon code cis416 for crazy 90% off)

Marc explained how and why Gary Vee talks about Omni Presence online and how you must be everywhere to stay relevant.

Problem for most people is that it takes a team of 5-20 people to “be everywhere” and if you look at content leaders like Gary Vee, Russell Brunson, Eric Worre or Tony Robbins create, it’s obvious they have a team doing it.

So, how can you do it without a team? That’s what the Octo Content model teached me.

It was a 3 month, 12 session journey and was well worth it!

How can you create native content with a single video?

In the Octo Content training, we learned about 8 different types of content that was needed to be omnipresent.

Text and image as well as video and audio with varying lengths but it was a manual effort.

The great thing about manual effort is that anyone can do it with the right tools, the skills and the time to do it.

My problem is that I wanted to create all these posts every single day and I didn’t have 5-8 hours a day to do that!

So, I created tools I could use to make it possible in 1-2 hours a day.

I would record a 30 minute video, write up a blog post in 30-45 minutes and take 20-30 minutes to post all the content (after it got extracted by my tools)

How can you do it to?

At first, the tools I created were very geeky – you would need to be a programmer like me to use them probably.

They were scripts you needed to install on your computer along with complex tools that the scripts needed all of which was a complex process.

Now though, it’s just a web site where you go upload your video and it will create the assets for you to use in all your posts.

Nothing to do with the Octo Content model course, but that course is probably an important thing to go through to understand why the assets are needed.

Basically, you record a 15-60 minute video, upload it and press a button.

The web site, then generates for your assets such as:

  • A video thumbnail image you can use with YouTube or Facebook video upload
  • A square thumbnail image you can use with Soundcloud or iTunes
  • An audio file of the extracted audio from the video to use in a podcast
  • A 5 minute trimmed video with trailer you can use to share on LinkedIn or Facebook
  • A 2 minute trimmed video with trailer you can use to share to Twitter
  • An audio of the 5 minute video you can share to Alexa Skills
  • A GIF of a section in the video you can use in emails
  • A snippet of video you can use as a prefix in your videos
  • and many more assets as you define

It’s pretty simple to use once you learn the basics of the platform. Learn more at

Things to watch out for

Of course, if you are using the same video content to share in all other platforms meaning you don’t record separate videos, then you need to watch out for a few things.

  • Don’t say anything that is platform specific
  • Include all platforms if you must (like say follow me, subscribe or connect with me)
  • Include a comment about listening to the audio so audio listeners know there’s a video available
  • Create a trailer that explains why the video is trimmed and how they can watch the rest.
  • Ask them to share and comment

The platform does all you to create a video automatically with an introduction and a trailer so you could create a different video for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter all with their own intro for that platform.

I should probably do that myself now that the tool supports that but I’ve been using it for so long the way it used to be that I just haven’t done it yet.


I’m pretty proud of this tool and would love your feedback on it.

With it, you can really grow your reach and truly be omnipresent with content that is made for each platform.

You don’t have to create more than one piece of content yourself – let the platform do it.

Learn all about how to manually create content in the Octo Content model course (use coupon cis416 for crazy 90% off deal)

Use the syndication engine to automatically create content for you.

Watch the video for more insights on this topic and don’t forget to share this post and video with your friends.

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