How to Make Sure Prospects Take you Seriously on Facebook?

If you’re like me, you’ve been on Facebook for years and started using it to connect with friends and family.

Maybe you even still use it just for that and thought you should create a second account for your business.

It should then come as no surprise that most people on Facebook are not there for business reasons or to buy things.

That’s why, if you reach out to them, most will not take you seriously or flat out ignore or even block you!

What steps do you need to take to be serious on Facebook?

Alright, if that’s true, then before people take you seriously, you must become serious yourself.

How? The best way is to look professional and that is accomplished by ensuring your profile follows a few simple guidelines.

Here’s the tops 5 guidelines:

  1. Profile picture needs to be correct
  2. Cover photo needs to convey the right message
  3. Your BIO must speak to your prospect
  4. Your featured images need to show why they should like you
  5. Your timeline should inspire them to like you as well

I’ve put together a great eBook that you can get at that outlines how to do all this.

The real secret to getting them to take you seriously

You might think that having the perfect looking profile is all you need.

In a sense, that’s true if that includes your posts in your timeline but there is one thing in particular that if not done right, makes everything else not work.

It’s the real secret to getting results on social media and finding those prospects to get sales.

Any marketer will tell you that knowing your audience is the secret but I don’t think that’s the secret.

Of course, you need to know who your audience is, what they like, what they don’t like so you can speak their language.

But the real secret isn’t that you must know your audience, it’s that you can decide your audience!

How can you decide your audience?

Most people are completely shocked when they first hear this, I sure was.

The truth is that in marketing, it doesn’t matter who your audience is, because they just need to be people who resonate with your message and buy your stuff, right?

The reason why you can decide your audience is because that is how you know what your message and offer should be – or rather the copywriting of it.

If you, instead, create a message and offer and then try to figure out who that message is for, you are doomed to failure.

So, HOW you can decide who your audience is? Just by making a decision, really, that’s it!

Getting your audience to take you seriously

Now that you have the right profile, the right audience, the right message and the right offer, you are ready to create content.

Gurus will tell you to post regularly, comment regularly and engage regularly.

I totally agree and I’ve been doing that for years.

The reason this works is because it’s attraction marketing, the process of producing content and taking actions your target market relates to.

It also ties into the law of exposures.

They say that it takes about 10 exposures to get a sale and in the case of social media and attraction marketing that “sale” is the next rung of the know, like & trust ladder.

After 10 exposures (your post in their feed, your comment on their post, etc), they will go to next rung in the ladder.

Going from no clue who you are to knowing you, then liking you and lastly trusting you.

Once they trust you, then you can contact them and they will take you seriously.

What’s the problem then?

Problem is that Facebook controls what posts you see and who sees your posts.

In the first year or two of building your business online, that’s fine – it works great.

So, if you are still within your first 2 years, follow what the gurus are telling you and you’ll do fine until you notice stagnation.

That’s what happened to me, so I started going to groups to find new people, engaging on their posts and after a while, my feed started to change with new people’s posts.

But it was so much manual work – it’s so much easier to just let Facebook show me what it wants to.

I knew that wasn’t going to get me the results I wanted so I created a tool.

I’m not going to get into it too much here but you can go check it out at and see if that’s something that you’ll want to use.

It definitely saves a ton of time by finding new users for me and tracking how many exposures they’ve had.

I love knowing when is the good time to contact someone! Saves me so much time and aggravation!


It’s all about trust but really it’s all about getting them to know you.

The hardest thing about online marketing is getting cold market prospects to trust you enough to buy from you.

Making them take you seriously is basically the same as getting them to trust you.

Hopefully this helped you and I invite you to watch the video as I get more into this topic in it.

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