What are Secrets to Attraction Marketing on Social Media?

Maybe you think you have it all figured out because of everything you’re learned until now!

You might be right, but can you be sure?

I know that for me, I totally think I understand what Attraction Marketing is and how to use it.

Problem is that Social Media platforms have a say if what happens to any actions you take there.

The real question is if you aren’t in control, how can you get the best results?

What is Attraction Marketing?

For the purpose of this post, Attraction Marketing is the process of taking actions which causes prospects to reach out to you.

Those actions are mainly creating content with messaging that they understand.

It can be accomplished many different ways, including advertising, but on Social Media there are many considerations to keep in mind.

Leaders and Gurus will tell you to simply post content regularly and engage on other’s posts and that definitely works if you do it for long enough.

I mean, those leaders did exactly that when they started 5 or 10 years ago – I know I did.

First, you must know who your audience is

Unfortunately, this is probably the hardest thing to do.

The reason is mostly that we don’t know who they are – we think everyone can benefit from our offer.

To be fair, that’s probably true but in any marketing, you must focus on a very specific audience.

So, how do you know what who your audience is?

Quite simply, you just need to choose is – basically decide who they are.

Once decided, you go with it – you can always change it later if you feel it’s not right but choose and move forward now!

Second, you must know their pain and pleasure triggers

Once you’ve identified (well decided) who your audience is, you then must define them.

You must know their pain and pleasure triggers so you can talk to them in your messaging.

Online experts call this “copy” or “copywriting” – it’s the words you choose in your posts, comments and messages that include those triggers.

For example, if you sell weight loss products, the pain might be trying different diets and never loosing weight and the pleasure might be to look amazing in a bikini.

You might post something like “It’s so frustrating to try new diets, nothing every works for me. I just get right back to my old weight. I so miss feeling sexy in my bikini!”

Third, what actions to take on Social Media?

You’re heard about posting content every day, the 5 or 10 different types of posts and how you should document the journey instead.

All these strategies taught by online marketing gurus and social media trainers are not wrong.

What if I told you that posting once a day is all that is needed?

Well, sure, you need a profile setup the right way too and you need to engage on posts too.

But, the actions to take on Social Media, especially Facebook are much, much simpler than what those gurus are telling you to do.

The Real actions to take on Social Media

As a matter of fact, there are some specific actions you need to take to get the best results.

Okay, sure, maybe I’m just some other Social Media Marketer with a different strategy but it’s the one I use and it might just work for you too.

Here it is:

  • Post 5-10 posts a week that show who you are and that you audience will relate to
  • Engage on 20 profiles a day by visiting their profile and engaging (commenting and reacting) on 1-3 posts
  • React (and optionally comment) to any replies to your comments using notifications

That’s pretty much my daily activities and it takes me about 30 minutes a day (I can show you how you can do it in only 30 minutes a day too)


If you’re not posting content regularly, you’ll be forgotten by the platform and will no longer attract new fans.

Of course, you should be building an email list and nurture that list so you’re not depended on Social Media but until then, you need content.

Watch the video for more insights on this topic and see what I’m talking about with examples.

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