What is Best way to Find Active Users in Facebook Groups?

If you’re brand new to Facebook, you don’t need to worry about groups as much.

When you’re new, your newsfeed is great because Facebook will show you things from new people all the time.

However, after a while, say, maybe 6 months or 1 year, your newsfeed will be 99% only posts from your friends and people you’ve already interacted with.

That’s not what any business needs – we all need regular new blood, which means new leads and people to talk to.

Why do we need to figure out who our clients are?

Before we even worry about finding active users in groups, let’s clarify who your dream clients are.

I know, I know, it feels like the stupidest question because everyone is your client, right?

I mean, everyone wants what you have to sell or wants to make money or join you, otherwise you wouldn’t be promoting it!

I get you, I felt the same but what I realized is that even though everyone and anyone can benefit from it, in marketing, you must focus your efforts.

You probably heard the saying “if you market to everyone, you are marketing to no one” and it’s very true, I promise.

Who are your dream clients?

So, that being said, who your dream clients are is really not hard to figure out.

It’s actually quite easy because it’s not about figuring it out – it’s only about deciding it!

That’s right, all you have to do is decide who they are – just pick them and move ahead!

Yeah, I felt like that too – what if I choose wrong? It’s ok, just change it later.

For now, you need to pick someone to represent them – as in think about what they like and don’t like, where they might hang out at and what they might be searching for.

Where are they hanging out on Facebook?

Now that you’ve decided who to market to, you can just search for them in Facebook.

Then look at list of groups that they’d be interested in and join those groups.

I know, we could just explain how to find active users without worrying about all this but finding active users who have no interest in your offer is a waste of time.

Great, now you have a list of groups that your target market can be found in.

It’s probably a great idea to take a few days to see the posts in the groups, post yourself in there and reply to some of the comments you feel speak to you.

How to find the Active Users in groups

It might come as no surprise that you start by looking at who is posting and commenting in the groups.

That’s right, just look at who posted, click on their profile name and you’ll see their group activities.

This group activity is a good start as you can see how many posts they posted in that group and how many comments and reactions they did as well.

However, someone who is active in a group isn’t always an active user, so how do you know?

Check their main profile and see what they post there.

The same is true for those who comment on posts, just click their profile name to check the same information.

Each of these are potential active users.

Why do you care that they are Active Users?

That’s a great question and it all come back to why you’re on Facebook in the first place.

I’m guessing you are attracted to the millions of users you can reach without leaving your house.

Maybe you prefer using Facebook to find new clients over talking to strangers at the store or gas station.

I used to do that too, got pretty good at it too but it takes time and money because you need gas and you need to get out of the house.

So, back to the original question, why do you care that they are Active Users?

It has to do with the fact they are all cold contacts and you’re using social media to find them.

They have no clue who you are and 99% of people on social media will think you’re some sort of scammer if you just reach out to them without them knowing you first.

For them to get to know you first, they need to see you and your content.

The social media way of growing your audience

The process is the same no matter if they are active or not and that is using Attraction Marketing.

Basically, people will get to know you by you posting content regularly and engaging on their posts.

That’s why many online gurus tell you to find friends and engage on their posts and eventually they will get to know you and like you so you can reach out to them.

Problem is we are talking about strangers on Facebook who you found in groups.

Sure, you could send them friend requests and do all that jazz, but I found a better way by engaging on their posts in their profile.

You see, they are posting so others comment on their posts. When you do that, they’ll get notifications that you did and see your face and name there.

Over time, they’ll start to feel they know you and like you because you’re doing what they want you to do.

but wait… there’s an even easier way!

I bet you’re thinking this is crazy, it takes so much time to go to the groups and find those users.

Then you go through that manual process every day and just find a few new people a day.

Not to mention that after a week of seeing someone’s posts, you never see them again because they aren’t posting in groups anymore but they were really awesome and you want to go back.

Because, well, you know that them seeing you comment on a post one day a few weeks ago doesn’t do anything for them knowing and liking you.

I got tired of doing that manually so I created a tool to help me.

It’s called Active Group Users and is a chrome extension. You just install it in your browser and it does the heaving lifting for you.

It will find the users that are actually active and will give you a list which you just need to click to go engage on their posts.


The process to find active users is pretty simple and you can see the walkthrough in the video.

I recommend you do it for a while to see why I created the tool I did.

The tool is in pre-release and I’d love your feedback on it.

Tell you what, if you tell me you read this blog post before the end of 2022, I’ll give you an upgrade to Gold plan for 30 days of Active Group Users and in exchange for a testimonial, I’ll upgrade you to a lifetime license for free.

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