What is Best Way to get People to Check out your Offer?

Every guru and coach will tell you that if no one checks your offer, you can’t get any sales.

Of course, there’s more to it but it’s definitely true that you need eyes on your offer.

When I say “your offer”, keep in mind that can be anything such as a Facebook post, a funnel page, a video or a replicated web site.

It can even be a call with you.

Why don’t people check your offer?

Before you get into the best way to get people to check out your offer, lets discuss why they aren’t checking it out right now.

If you start with yourself, and ask yourself that question you’ll most likely come up with an answer similar to “I don’t know them”

So, it stands to reason that people need to know who you are before they’ll check out your offer.

That might seem like a difficult thing to accomplish when you are trying to get strangers to checkout your offer.

What is best way to get them to check out your offer?

I’ll get into more details below but I love using a tool called Loom which lets you record your desktop and a video of yourself.

There are surely many other tools that let you do that but what’s great about Loom is that you get notified when someone watches your video and it makes it super easy to follow up.

What I found that people absolutely love and seem to react very well to is recording their Facebook profile while I talk to them.

I start the recording on their personal profile, introduce myself while scrolling up and down on their profile.

The cool think about Loom is that it will set the thumbnail to their profile because it’s the start of the video.

Then I talk about what they are doing on their profile, the posts I can say something about and then just ask if they want to take a look at my offer, whatever that is.

I stop the recording and paste link to it in Facebook messenger without any other text.

Video in messenger

The thing that usually happens by pasting the Loom link in messenger is that the title of the video is their profile name (since I started it there) and the thumbnail is their profile too.

I keep the video to 1-2 minutes which is perfect since Loom limits free accounts to 5 minute videos and since people will watch that video within a few days, if ever, the maximum of 25 videos on free Loom account is plenty too as I can delete old ones.

Most people will click to watch the video because they are curious why it’s their name and profile.

At the very least, they see the first few seconds of my introduction and how I like their posts.

How to make them all check out your offer

If you try to send Loom videos like that to new prospects, you’ll most surely notice that not too many get back to you to check your offer.

Maybe you thought this was all it takes – a cool video with their profile name and picture.

Unfortunately, people get spammed with so much stuff that it’s not enough to have the best video to send them.

They still need to know, like and probably trust you before they’ll get back to you after you send them that video.

That’s why you need to still be posting regularly so they can get to know you and you need to be engaging on their posts so they like you.

How long before you can message them?

Different leaders and gurus will have different answers but in my experience, it takes 10-20 exposures before they start to like you.

Oh, and what I mean by exposures is seeing you – this can be in their feed or just notifications because you commented on their post.

How long does that take? Good question – really depends on their activity on Facebook.

If they post every day and you engage on every post they create, that might take 1-2 weeks but if they post once a week, it may take 3-4 months.

How can you even track that?

I’m glad you asked that question, because I certainly tried to track that.

You could just comment on posts in your Facebook feed and in groups knowing that over time, people would start to notice you.

Maybe after 1 or 2 years, you’d have have dozens of people you could reach out to.

Then you reach out to them and then what? Wait another 2 years for the others?

I decided to create a tool to help me with that.

Now, I just let the tool tell me who I need to engage on next and when I can send them my little Loom video.

Oh, the tool is called Active Group Users and it’s a chrome extension. Get it in the Chrome store or go to https://activegroupusers.com


Using a cool video tool like Loom is a great way to connect but you still need to connect at the right time.

If you try to send people a private message too early in your relationship with them, you might ruin it for the future too!

You could just use Facebook the way they want you to use and things will eventually be to the point where you can connect with fans – that’s probably really the best way but it takes so long!

Or you can use Active Group Users to speed up the process.

Watch the video to see how I use Loom and get a glimpse of the tool I use (and that I created for you to use too) to help my prospects along the path to connecting.

Oh, and make sure you share this will all your marketer friends, they need to see this too!

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