How to Nurture your cold prospects so they Love you and Buy from You?

I bet you were promised it was going to be easy to get strangers on Facebook to buy from you, right?

Yeah, I was too – or at least, I interpreted what was told to me that way!

I got seduced by the savvy promises of post content every day for a year and your life will change!

Heck, I was sure I’d be the exception that would quite my job in 90 days!

How about you, is that what you thought too?

What does nurturing mean?

The most important thing to get people to buy from you is nurturing them so they go from not knowing you to trusting you so they buy from you.

Nurturing is a process where your prospect learns a little bit about something over time at a particular frequency.

The reason gurus tell you to post every day is because, if you’re lucky, the platform will show your posts to people and that will nurture them.

The problem with that approach is that you’re basically at the mercy of the platform but you can take control of the process.

Why does nurturing work?

Before we go on, you might be wondering why nurturing is the best way to build your audience.

The human brain is a marvelous machine which marketers have really figured out.

You might have heard of NLP (Nero Linguistic Programing) which teaches the strategies you can use to affect how people react and behave to your activities.

Nurturing is based on much of that but an important thing to understand is that humans remember things most where they are related to new information.

It’s also important to understand that we save what we value in our subconscious when we sleep.

That’s why you can’t have the same impact on someone if you tell them everything in 1 hour instead of tiny bits over days and weeks instead.

Nurturing secrets

Give that, you might now understand why it’s important to send small emails over a period of a few days.

If you send a single email with everything in it to your list (or post on Facebook), you’ll have almost no impact.

But, if you split that information into 5-10 emails and send them over days (every 1 or 2 days for example), you will have a huge impact in them!

Of course, there’s more to it than that, like telling stories and writing so they do want to read next email or next post not to mention you have to be clear on your message and offer but you know that already.

Why use emails to nurture your audience?

Like I mentioned before, you certainly can use social media like Facebook to nurture your audience.

There are strategies to use that will result in having the platform show your posts to more of your audience.

However, there are 2 problems with relying on Social platforms to nurture your audience.

  1. They own your audience and if you loose your account, you loose your audience
  2. Even if they show your posts, you have no control (without ads) to make sure a particular person sees your posts in the sequence you want them to.

This is why social media gurus tell you to post 5-10 kinds of posts so that over time your audience will see enough posts but you can control it all with email lists.

Email nurturing lists

Personally, I use aWeber to build my email list and send my audience emails.

You can use any other tools but if you want to try out aWeber, go to and I’ll get a little commission and be eternally grateful and help you as I can too.

Anyway, there are many ways to use emails to nurture your audience, but I want to talk about 3 types.

  1. An introduction to you sequence
  2. An introduction to your offer sequence
  3. Daily Broadcast emails

When you’re starting out, you probably will combine the first two lists.

Basically, you want to build a series of 5 emails to introduce your prospect to you and your offer.

The introduction sequence emails

I created my introduction sequence a long time ago and really need to freshen it up.

Not only do I need to update information but I also want to redo it based on Russell Brunson’s Soap Opera Sequence strategy.

In his book DotCom Secrets (free at if you pay shipping) Russell explains at length what this strategy is.

Basically, you would write 5 emails with this in mind:

  1. Set the stage
  2. High drama, back story and the wall
  3. Epiphany and the one thing
  4. Hidden benefits
  5. Urgency and CTA

I can’t get into this much here but definitely get that book to learn all about it.

You’ll need to clarify who you are to your audience, what they are to you and your offer to make this successful, but that’s basic framework.

I use the aWeber campaign setup to deliver these emails to new subscribers.

Your broadcast emails

Once your subscriber has gotten the introduction emails, they should fall in your broadcast list.

Back to Russell’s book, Dotcom Secrets, he calls it your Daily Seinfeld Sequence.

He calls it that because it’s supposed to be emails about nothing, just like the Seinfeld TV show was about nothing in particular but just life.

The way I do that with aWeber is that at the end of the campaign (the 5 introduction emails), I add a tag to the subscriber (I call it seinfeld).

Then, when I create a new “about nothing” email, I just send it to subscribers with the “seinfeld” tag.

This ensures people who just got on my list a few days ago, don’t get 2 emails in a day.


Of course, there’s more to it than all this, but I hope this explained some of the reasons why you’re not getting the results you were promised.

Hopefully, you’ll get better results by implementing these strategies as I will when I complete my “upgrade”.

You’ll also want to watch the video as I talk more about this and show you some other tools I use.

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