What’s the Real Secret about Attraction Marketing on Social Media?

One of the most important things to understand if you want to generate online income using social media is Attraction Marketing.

Without any understanding of Attraction Marketing, you’ll just do what the gurus tell you and not understand how to scale.

It might not surprise you that any business needs to be able to scale it’s activities so generate more income.

What might surprise you is that most people try to scale the wrong things.

Before we talk about that though, let’s talk about Attraction Marketing…

What is attraction marketing on social media?

Attraction marketing on social media is the process of building relationships with potential customers, clients and partners by offering them something of value.

This can be in the form of a free report, eBook, exclusive video, webinar, or any other form of valuable content.

Attraction marketing involves strategically placing this content on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube to build relationships, engage with the right people, and increase your reach.

By offering interesting, valuable content to others, you can “attract” people to you and your business, rather than chasing them down.

This type of marketing creates a relationship between you and your followers, increasing engagement and building trust.

What do the gurus tell you to do?

Many social media “gurus” will tell you that the only way to succeed with attraction marketing on social media is to post lots of content, follow hundreds and hundreds of people, comment on other people’s posts, engage in conversations, and create lots of relationships online.

It’s true, these are all valuable activities, and can be effective when done in conjunction with a solid social media strategy.

However, most gurus don’t tell you the real secrets to success with attraction marketing on social media and how you can scale your results.

The non-negotiables

To be successful with Attraction Marketing, you definitely need to be doing these things:

  1. Clarity on audience and offer
  2. Consistent Content posting
  3. Congruence
  4. Connections
  5. Persistence

First is that you need to clearly define your offer and your audience without which you might as well be throwing darts in the dark!

Secondly, once you are clear on your audience and you offer, you then must, and I stress MUST post content regularly, every day possibly, not necessarily creating it every day.

As a side note, even though some platforms allow evergreen content (meaning it’s going to be accessible and visible forever), most posts on social media platform are ephemeral and basically don’t exist after a few days which is why you need to post regularly.

Thirdly, your content must be congruent with your offer and your audience. Everything must be in sync! The language must be about their pain and pleasure points and be targeted to them for example.

Fourthly, You’ve got to be regularly connecting, engaging and conversing with potential leads and anything EXCEPT your offer – that comes from them asking you.

Lastly, you must be persistent with your actions and never quit as that’s the only way you will loose!

Let’s get on to the secrets.

There are 3 secrets I’d like to tell you about.

Attraction Marketing Secret #1: The Know, Like & Trust ladder!

This is definitely something that gurus will not explain fully.

Sure, they tell you that your prospect needs to trust you before they buy from you and explain no one will trust you if they don’t like you.

Also, that they must know you before they’ll even like you which might sound simple and in a way it is.

Basically, if you do everything I’ve talked about until now, your prospects will indeed naturally get to the point of trusting you over time.

The secret though is understand that it’s truly a step by step process and you can actually track that.

Imagine a ladder with 50 rungs where your prospect starts on rung 1 and every 15 rungs, they are on the next level.

So, on rung 1, you don’t exist to them, on rung 15, they know you, on rung 30, they like you and on rung 45, they trust you.

So, the secret is understanding that your prospect must go up that ladder one step at a time and they can’t skip any rungs.

Attraction Marketing Secret #2: Exposures

Now that you understand the Know, Like & Trust ladder and that your prospect needs to go up every single rung to buy from you, maybe you’re wondering how to get them to go up that ladder.

Once thing we need to clarify is that they can’t go up the ladder faster than their mind will allow it.

Think of it as a process – first life one hand up to next rung, then one foot, then the other hand and lastly the 2nd foot – that process can’t be skipped similarly to this secret.

Each time your prospect is exposed to your content, your message or your comment on their post, it’s one more run up the ladder.

So Exposures are the secret to getting them to move up the ladder.

Unfortunately, the human brain does need some settling time before it can move to next, so seeing two posts quickly in succession will usually count as just one exposure, or one rung of the ladder.

But still, causing your prospect to be exposed to you is the secret, but how?

Attraction Marketing Secret #3: Notifications

You could post all the time, engage on people’s post in the news feed and go to groups to build your audience as gurus tell you.

That does work except you are basically at the mercy of the platform. You’d be letting Facebook decide what you see and who you engage on.

Instead, use Notifications give your prospects exposures to you.

Each time you engage on someone’s posts, react to them or comment on them or ever react or reply to their comments, the platform will show them a notification of you.

They will see your face and your name in their notifications.

Unfortunately for them, and fortunately for you, our brain is wired to recognize patterns. If we see something regularly, we will inevitably internalize it.

That’s good news for you because they will start to go up that ladder.

Putting it all together

As you can see, it’s not super complicated to get your prospects to the point of trusting you if you follow all these steps.

The problem is that it takes weeks and possible months to bring a prospect up that ladder.

You could just let them reach out to you and randomly try having conversations based on your memory of “I’ve commented on lots of their stuff”

But if you want to be 100% in control of the process and know who is ready for you to reach out to them, then it can be very difficult unless you focus on just 10 people for 6 months.

But then, where’s the scaling in that?

Imaging trying to track 20 people a day over months – after 30 days, you’d have moved 600 people up 1 rung of the ladder.

Where do you track these 600 prospects? Let alone where do you find them?

The software that makes it all simple

I did create a software for me to do this because I was unable to track that many prospects on Facebook manually.

I did not want to use spreadsheets to track this because I knew it would be unbelievably time consuming.

So I made this software so you could use it too!

It’s free to get started and starts at only $10 a month but you can get on a free demo webinar where you can get 90 days free use.

Register at https://workshop.jsgagnon.com


Imagine finding and being able to manage thousands of prospects and knowing exactly where they are on that ladder?

That’s what this software will do – find your most targeted prospects in Facebook groups and then let you manage your interactions with them so you don’t have to waste your time on the news feed.

Check out the video as I get into that more there.

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