Top 5 Ways to Organically Grow your Audience on Facebook

I remember when I first started online, I thought I’d be rich in 30 days or 90 days at most!

I mean, the leaders told me it was possible because others had done it that fast, so why not me right?

Maybe you’ve been told the same thing, and before you go and think it’s a lit they told you, it’s important to understand why.

I can tell you why you weren’t able to achieve it as fast as they told you it was possible but you might not like the answer.

Why does it take so long to build and Audience?

I heard a quote that went something like this: “You will be penalized by how you acted in the past”.

I’m not sure who said it and if those were the exact words but basically, it means that how things are going for you today are a direct reflection of you past actions and behaviors.

In other words, if you weren’t outgoing in the past and didn’t build a big list of acquaintances and friends, you’ll have trouble building an audience online.

So, the reason it takes so long to build an audience online is because no one knows you.

The other reason is because human nature takes days, weeks and even months to choose to trust someone new.

What are the top 5 Organic ways to grow your Audience?

You’ll hear other suggestions from gurus and leaders but most will agree that these are the top strategies.

  1. Find them in groups and answer their questions
  2. Create content they are interested in
  3. Engage on their posts
  4. Follow your competitor’s followers
  5. Send friend requests with private message

Of course, all these require you to first define (or rather decide) your target audience and avatar as well as clearly define your offer and it’s benefits to your avatar.

Let’s go into more details on each of these.

1- Using Facebook Groups to Answer Questions and Help

One great way to organically grow your audience on Facebook is to answer questions in a relevant Facebook group and help people out.

This way, people will see your post and may follow you and interact with your posts.

You can do this by joining existing Facebook groups related to your niche or creating your own.

Just make sure to read the group rules so your post isn’t removed.

2- Creating Content Your Audience Is Interested In

Another way to organically grow your audience on Facebook is to create content they are interested in.

Posts about current and relevant topics are a great way to draw attention and engage with your followers.

If people find your content helpful and/or enjoyable, they will be more likely to share it with their friends.

3- Engaging With Their Posts

Engaging with other people’s posts is also a great way to grow your audience organically.

By commenting and liking posts from people within your niche, you can connect with new people and they may come check out your posts.

Plus, you can use this opportunity to start conversations and build relationships.

4- Following Your Competitor’s Followers

Following your competitor’s followers is another great strategy to grow your audience organically.

By following people who already follow your competitors, you may be able to gain some new followers for yourself.

This is because these people are already interested in the topic you talk about and you can provide them with new content.

5- Sending Friend Requests With Private Messages

Lastly, sending friend requests with a private message is a great way to organically grow your audience.

Once someone receives your request, they may be more likely to read and respond to your private message.

You can also build rapport with them by telling them something you liked about their posts.


As you can see, there are plenty of ways to organically grow your audience on Facebook.

From using Facebook groups to answer questions to sending friend requests with private messages, these 5 strategies will be sure to help you expand your audience and further your reach.

Make sure to watch the video as I explain all these in more depth.

Also, your friend will thank you for sharing this post as well.

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