How to focus and track Facebook Activities for more Sales?

Are you tired of wasting your time in the Facebook news feed and not getting the sales you want?

It’s frustrating to feel like you’re doing everything the leaders tell you but not getting any results!

I know, I’ve done it for years! Sure, I got some new followers, people commenting on my posts and a few sales, but not the sales I really wanted!

It’s true, the leaders tell you to post content and engage on other people’s posts, right?

Pretty simple and over years it certainly will give you some results but not enough!

What should you be focusing on?

I imagine you know what focus means. Focusing is a pretty universal term which basically means to do one thing without distraction.

It means to do this one thing for a pre-determined amount of time.

This is why we learn to define a DMO, or Daily Method of Operation, that includes posting X times and commenting on posts for X minutes every day.

We end up just using the news feed and letting Facebook decide what we engage on, that’s not what you should be doing though!

You should be focusing on a list of pre-determined user posts and I’ll show you how if you keep reading.

What do you need to be tracking?

Another thing I bet you have heard plenty, is how important it is to track your results.

Basically, how many visitors you got to your web site or funnel, how many joined your list, how many bought your product, etc…

But, I’m not taking about what you would normally be tracking using pixels and insight tags!

I’m talking about tracking how many posts you commented on, how many you reacted on and who’s posts they were!

Why do you need to be tracking your activities?

It’s a pretty complex thing to keep track of though but it’s super important because it lets you know when you can reach out to people.

We all want the same thing – people reaching out to us – the promise of attraction marketing and, in truth, it’s real but it takes a lot longer than most will admit.

All leaders will promise that but if you ask them how to make money now, they will all tell you that you have to talk to people!

I don’t know about you, but when I tried that, almost no one responded because they had no clue who I was and just thought I was some scammer!

That’s why you need to track these numbers – knowing they know you and will most likely respond to your contacting them!

How to track your activities yourself?

If you want to do this tracking yourself, you’ll need a spreadsheet with rows being the profile and columns being the posts.

You can make it really simple with just numbers like “posts commented on” and just increase that number every time you comment on one of their posts.

Or make it complicated by putting the post links…

Even more complication is create a sheet or new file for new profiles you visit.

I don’t recommend making it complicated though because you’ll end up giving up before you get results from the process.

Putting it all together with software

If you’re like me, you’ll quickly feel like it takes a lot of time to track everything.

What if I told you I created a software that will not only track those exact activities but also give you a list so you can focus on the right activities too!

That’s right, you’ll get a list of who’s posts to comment on today and it will track your activities so you know when you should reach out to them!

The best thing is that all you need to do is tell the software what groups your ideal prospects hang out in and let it do it’s thing.

The software will go find the users who post and comment in those groups and you’ll be able to see list of who posts and comments the most.

Getting Active Group Users software

You can find this software at, download it for free and start using today.

After setup, you just tell it the groups you want to find users in and let it do it’s thing.

Every day, it will check those groups for who’s commenting and posting and give you the list of users.

After a few days, you’ll know who is more active in the groups so you can engage on their posts.

Once you’ve visited someone’s posts enough times, you’ll know you can reach out to them and they will respond to you since they know and like you by then.


It’s easy to track your activities if you have the right software but it’s even more amazing if that software helps you focus on the right activities too!

Imagine having the list of who’s posts to engage on every day and no longer randomly wasting time in the news feed!

That’s exactly what Active Group Users software helps you do so you get more sales faster!

Watch the video as I explain more on this important topic and show you how to use the software.

Make sure to share this with your friends too, they need it too (BTW, there’s an affiliate program for this software)!

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